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Terms of reference of CR Committee

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Terms of reference

At its 208th session (November 2019), the Executive Board, having established its Committee on Conventions and Recommendations, gave it the following terms of reference:

“The Executive Board,

1. Recalling 98 EX/Decision 9.6.II, whereby it defined, in paragraph 12, the terms of reference of the Committee on Conventions and Recommendations in Education, namely:

(a) to examine periodic reports by Member States on their implementation of the Convention and Recommendation against Discrimination in Education;

(b) to examine communications addressed to UNESCO in connection with specific cases alleging a violation of human rights in education, science and culture;

(c) to examine the report of the Joint ILO/UNESCO Committee of Experts on the Application of the Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers*;

2. Also recalling 104 EX/Decision 3.3, whereby it decided that the Committee would thenceforth be designated the “Committee on Conventions and Recommendations” and established the conditions and procedures for consideration of communications received by the Organization concerning cases and questions of violations of human rights within UNESCO’s fields of competence,

3. Renews the terms of reference mentioned above, and decides that the Committee will also consider all questions entrusted to the Executive Board concerning the implementation of UNESCO’s standard-setting instruments, in accordance with Article 18.1 of the Rules of Procedure concerning recommendations to Member States and international conventions covered by the terms of Article IV, paragraph 4, of the Constitution, ensuring in particular the monitoring of the conventions and recommendations referred to, respectively, in the Annex to 177 EX/Decision 35.II as amended by 196 EX/Decision 20 and in 34 C/Resolution 87."

The Committee is thus entrusted with two tasks:

(1) to consider all questions relating to the implementation of UNESCO’s standard-setting instruments that are entrusted to the Executive Board by the General Conference, including Member States’ periodic reports on the implementation of Conventions and Recommendations (1st aspect of the terms of reference);

(2) to examine communications relating to cases and questions concerning the exercise of human rights in UNESCO’s fields of competence (2nd aspect of the terms of reference).


* Now the Joint ILO-UNESCO Committee of Experts on the Application of the Recommendations concerning Teaching Personnel (CEART)

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