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7, Place de Fontenoy
75352 PARIS 07 SP, France


Nurturing the democratic debate.  
23-05-2002 10:00 pm Paris - During the second half of the 18th century, the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal pushed complex reform programmes in Latin America that were meant to renew and strengthen colonial ties but which in fact gave rise to a drive for independence.
This period before the break with colonialism is the focus of the fourth volume of the General History of Latin America, which will be presented at UNESCO Headquarters on May 27 by its scientific director, the Argentine historian Enrique Tendeter, who isa former director-general of the Argentine National Archives and a lecturer in the philosophy and arts faculty at the University of Buenos Aires.

Entitled “Procesos americanos hacia la redifinición colonial” (American processes towards colonial redefinition, available only in Spanish) the 670-page volume (a co-edition by UNESCO Publishing and the Spanish publisher Trotta) has just been released thanks to funding from the Vitae de Brasil Foundation. Accompanied by photos and maps, it is the fourth of nine planned volumes that will be the first written history of the region with a truly universal approach.

The volumes of the wide-ranging “General History” cover the evolution of Latin American societies from pre-Colombian times to the 20th century. More than 240 historians of all schools of thought worked on it, under a scientific committee headed by Venezuela’s Germán Carrera Damas, who will be at the May 27 presentation. Latin America, he says, is “a crossroads of historical periods that has forged its own time, and this is what the volume has tried to capture and transmit to the reader.”

The presentation will be made at 1 p.m. in the lobby of Room 10, where UNESCO’s Executive Board is meeting

For more information:
Lucía Iglesias Kuntz: 33 (0)1 4568-4728

Historia General de América Latina
Volume IV - Procesos americanos hacia la redifinición colonial
UNESCO Publishing / Trotta
€ 30.50 euros
Sales contact: Cristina Laje: (+33) (0)1 4568-4930

Web Site : Latin America - UNESCO

Source Media Advisory No.2002-16


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