United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

This is Our Time

Annual, global communications project for secondary schools initiated for the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet).

The one-day event offers young people an opportunity to learn about and from each other. During 24 consecutive hours, Time participants use all available means of modern media, from fax to e-mail and from video linking to chatting.

Each year, the Time Project focuses its activities on one central theme: 50th anniversary of UN/UNESCO (1995), World Telecommunications Day (1997), 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1998), International Year of Older Persons (1999), International Year for the Culture of Peace (2000), Intercultural Learning (2001), Respecting Diversity (2002), International Day of Tolerance (2003), Cultural Diversity (2004), Sustainable Development (2005) .

The project is managed by e-linQ, an NGO based in the Netherlands.


UNESCO 1995-2009 - ID: 31049