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UNESCO in Novels

UNESCO is featured in a number of novels ith fictional characters working there. Some examples.
The Prone Gunman
“Stanley had a job at UNESCO; he travelled to unexpected places like Turkestan or the Philippines.” The Prone Gunman Jean-Patrick Manchette, 1981.
Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
“But I was really very lucky. Teaching Spanish at the Berlitz School in Paris, writing news bulletins at France-Presse, translating for UNESCO, dubbing fi lms in the studios at Gennevillers, or preparing programs for the French national radio-television network, I had always found jobs that brought in enough to live on, yet allowed me to devote at least half of each day exclusively to my writing.”
Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter Mario Vargas Llosa, 1977.
Homo Faber. Un Rapport
"I sat down in my old seat and, in order not to be disagreeable, told him I was concerned in TECHNICAL AID TO UNDERDEVELOPED COUNTRIES (…). He seemed to be impressed by UNESCO, as he was by anything international, he stopped treating me as a “Switzer” and listened as though I were an authority, with positive reverence, interested to the point of subservience (…)" Homo Faber : A Report Max Frisch, 1957.
Small World
“And what else,” said Morris, with studied casualness, “do they say about this chair?” He did not really have to wait for her reply to know that here, at last, was a prize worthy of his ambition. The UNESCO Chair of Literary Criticism! That had to carry the highest salary in the profession.” Small World David Lodge, 1984.
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