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Eckhardt Fuchs

Associate Professor for History of Education and Comparative Education, University of Mannheim, Germany
Special Fields: Global History, History of Transnational Organizations, International Educational Politics
Ongoing Projects: History of the Educational Politics of the League of Nations; History of International Educational Organizations after World War II
Recent relevant Publications in English:
- Eckhardt Fuchs und Benedikt Stuchtey, eds., Writing World History, 1800-2000 (Oxford, 2003);
- "Educational Sciences, Morality, and Politics: International Educational Congresses in the Early Twentieth Century ," Paedagogica Historica 40:5 (2004), 757-784.
- Christoph Lüth, Eckhardt Fuchs und David Lindmark (Hg.), Informal and Formal Cross-Cultural Networks in History of Education (= Paedagogica Historica, forthcoming 2006).

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