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Cultural diversity

A Burst of Creativity
 Books, like films and records, are vehicles of identity and meaning
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In the course of impassioned debates, the International Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions was adopted during the 33rd session of UNESCO’s General Conference. Its purpose: to protect goods and services that are vehicles of identity, values and meaning. Back in 2001, the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity had already raised cultural diversity to the level of “common heritage of humanity”. But this time the Convention, a binding legal instrument, commits the States that sign it. More
Cultural Diversity can neither be decreed nor improvised
For the first time in 2001, UNESCO recognized cultural diversity as the “common heritage of humanity”
The Global Alliance on All Fronts
Launched by UNESCO in 2002, the Global Alliance helps the countries in the South to boost their cultural production.
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