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Taking the Pulse of the Planet
 In French Guyana, a forest fl ooded by the installation of a dam
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With a population due to number 9 billion people by 2050, dwindling resources and ever-increasing threats to biodiversity, the Earth is suffering from disquieting symptoms. Some of the damage is already irreversible. But all is not lost. Certain changes linked to global warming may even be beneficial, if we can manage them. More
Cape Town: Garden Wonderland in the Midst of Urban Sprawl
Instead of building fences around its unique fl oral heritage, Cape Town (South Africa) explores new ways to involve inhabitants in conservation
Selling the Air We Breathe
Starting this year, countries can now trade a new commodity: greenhouse gases
The Inuit, First Witnesses of Climate Changes
In the Arctic, Inuit people have been noticing the signs of global warming for years
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