UNESCO: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNESCO General Conference - 33rd Session

 World Heritage Committee

List of candidates for election to the World Heritage Committee closed on the 7th October 2005 at 6.00pm (Paris time)

Bahrain(6 yrs.)
Barbados* (4 yrs.)
Bulgaria(4 yrs)
Canada (4 yrs.)
Croatia (4 yrs.)
Cuba (4 yrs.)
Cyprus(4 yrs.)
Gabon* (4 yrs.)
Israel(4 yrs.)
Jordan (4 yrs.)
Kenya (4 yrs.)
Korea, Republic of (4 yrs.)
Macedonia (the form. Yugoslav Republic of) (4 yrs.)
Madagascar (4 yrs.)
Mauritius*(4 yrs.)
Morocco(4 yrs.)
Peru (4 yrs.)
Spain (4 yrs.)
Sudan (6 yrs.)
Syrian Arab Republic (4 yrs.)
Tanzania, United Republic of (4 yrs.)
Tunisia (4 yrs.)
Ukraine (4 yrs.)
United States of America (4 yrs.)
Viet Nam (4 yrs.)
Yemen (4 yrs.)
NB : Numbers in (x) indicates the period of mandate for which the State Party presents its candidature, if elected.
* State Parties with no property on the World Heritage List
** No indication on the period of mandate was provided to the Secretariat