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What is Sustainable Development?

Background & Preparations
UNESCO at Johannesburg
Alliances & Partnerships

UNESCO's Priorities
Educating for Sustainability
Scientific Dimensions
Ethical Principles
Cultural Dimensions
Media and ICTs

Some Action Themes
Biological Diversity
Fresh Water
Local and indigenous knowledge



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Developing an understanding of the emerging concept of sustainable development is the focus of one of 25 modules in UNESCO's multimedia teacher education programme Teaching and learning for a sustainable future.  

What is sustainable development ? - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -The term 'sustainable development' was popularised by the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) in its 1987 report entitled Our Common Future.More

Sustainable Human Development - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -Since the Earth Summit, sustainable development has been a key theme as a series of United Nations conferences discussing pathways to development.More

Thinking about the Future - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -No one knows what the future will be, except that it will be very different from what life is today and that decisions about whether the future is a sustainable one or not will depend upon changes in human culture.More

Thinking about Forever - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -Underlying all our images of a sustainable future is the key principle that sustainability is about 'thinking about forever'.More

A Dynamic Balance - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -The dynamic balance between cultural differences and this emerging global ethic is a key concept in educating for a sustainable future.More

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