Mondialogo receives, yet again, another highly recognised communications award. The Mondialogo website has just been honoured with this year’s “Best Global Website Award” given annually by the Localisation Research Centre at the University of Limerick, Ireland after winning the 2005 International Visual Communications Association Clarion Award for “Strategic Communications”.
The Mondialogo portal (www.mondialogo.org) provides information in five languages on the importance of cultural diversity. The aim is to promote intercultural dialogue, understanding and exchange among young people. Mondialogo, as an international endeavour, has been very successful and so far more 100,000 young people have participated in the initiaitve. The aim of the Best Global Website Award is to raise awareness of intercultural issues amongst web developers and policy makers.
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Upon hearing the news, Hans d’Orville, Director of Strategic Planning at UNESCO, stated: “the Mondialogo portal consistently pushed the limits, managing to shift the models of internet design and web audience behaviour beyond their conceived frontiers.”

Mondialogo’s award-winning, five-language Mondialogo Internet Portal is part of the public-private partnership between UNESCO and DaimlerChrysler, launched in 2003. It aims to promote dialogue among cultures and civilizations, forging intercultural understanding and exchange among young people.

Mondialogo has three elements:

  • the “Mondialogo School Contest”, which partners secondary schools around the world to work on joint projects reflecting intercultural dialogue and cooperation.

  • the “Worldwide Engineering Award”, which promotes engineering and technology for poverty eradication and sustainable development in developing countries.

  • the “Mondialogo Internet Portal” which supports and reinforces the School Contest and Engineering Award. It is a forum for communication and interaction that creates proximity and builds bridges. It enables participants to present their ideas and to share their work on common projects - whilst stimulating, guiding and encouraging all its visitors.

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    The Mondialogo website
  • Publication Date 29-09-2005 4:00 pm
    Publication Date 29-09-2005 4:00 pm
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