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Home > International Hydrological Programme(IHP) - Updated: 09-01-2003 1:52 pm
Developing approaches for sound water management emphasizing a people-oriented approach and the special vulnerability of "aquatic systems at risk".  

The IHP is a vehicle through which Member States can upgrade their knowledge of the water cycle and thereby increase their capacity to better manage and develop their water resources. It also aims at the improvement of the scientific and technological basis for the development of methods for the rational management of water resources, including the protection of the environment.

In line with the widely shared view that water resources will be one of the most critical environmental issues of the comingdecades, “Water resources and ecosystems” is the principal priority of the Natural Sciences sector during the present (2002-2003) biennium, with IHP and MAB together addressing the need for integrated approaches to the sustainable use of land and water.

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