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Archive - Press Releases (2002-2006)

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  • Varna Declaration on Cultural Corridors in South-East Europe
    23-05-2005 6:15 pm - (Press Release N°2005-61)
    The Summit of heads of state of South-East Europe*, which took place in Bulgaria on May 20 and 21, closed with the adoption of the Varna Declaration pledging to “contribute to the promotion of cultural heritage and cultural corridors within the region.” It also pledges to “promote urgent measures for the protection of cultural heritage at risk within the region, including continuing action to counter the illicit traffic in cultural property.” More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Director-General Condemns murder of Afghan music presenter Shaima Rezayee
    23-05-2005 4:25 pm - (Press Release N°2005-60)
    The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, today condemned the assassination of Shaima Rezayee, a former music programme presenter on Afghanistan’s private Tolo TV station. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Director-General condemns assassination of Iraqi journalists Najem Abed Khodair and Ahmad Adam
    19-05-2005 11:45 am - (Press Release N°2005-59)
    The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, today condemned the killing of Iraqi journalists Najem Abed Khodair and Ahmad Adam and voiced outrage at the brutality of attacks on media professionals in the country. More
    Russian | Arabic

  • Director-General condemns killing of Philippines journalist Philip Agustin and voices alarm at increasing threats against the media
    17-05-2005 1:30 pm - (Press Release N°2005-58)
    The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura today condemned the murder of Philippines publisher and editor Philip Agustin and voiced alarm at the reported increase in threats against journalists in the country. More

  • Donors meeting at UNESCO pledge US$10 million for the restoration of cultural heritage in Kosovo
    13-05-2005 6:40 pm - (Press Release N°2005-57)
    Donors gathered at the first international conference for cultural heritage in Kosovo (1) have pledged US$10 million for the restoration, protection and enhancement of Christian and Islamic monuments and traditional secular buildings in Kosovo, whether damaged or in need of emergency restoration (2). More

  • UNESCO and FAO launch training CD-Rom on digitisation for librarians and laymen
    13-05-2005 4:30 pm - (Press Release N°2005-56)
    UNESCO and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization are launching the “Digitization and Digital Libraries” module to teach librarians and laymen how to digitize documents and put them on line and create virtual libraries. The kit, available from the FAO and UNESCO free of charge, is compatible with a wide range of computers, Pentium I and later, as well as older operating systems, making it particularly well-suited for users in developing countries. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • World Heritage and contemporary architecture : Towards new conservation standards
    09-05-2005 10:00 am - (Press Release N°2005-55)
    Deutschland.jpgGrowing understanding that the outstanding universal value of urban heritage goes well beyond the value of the individual buildings it contains, has created a pressing need for internationally accepted guidelines and criteria for the preservation of historic city centres. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Good Governance and Press Freedom : World Press Freedom celebrations in Dakar, Senegal
    04-05-2005 11:20 am - (Press Release N°2005-54)
    Press1.jpgAn international conference on Media and Good Governance held in Dakar from May 1 to 3 ended with the adoption of a Declaration calling for respect for press freedom, access to information, and a repeal of criminal defamation laws. More

  • UNESCO and L’Oréal sign agreement on HIV/AIDS prevention education
    03-05-2005 5:40 pm - (Press Release N°2005-53)
    UNESCO and L’Oréal Professional Products today signed an agreement under which they will work together on an HIV/AIDS prevention education programme. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Director-General condemns murder of Sri Lankan journalist Dharmeratnam Sivaram "Taraki”
    03-05-2005 4:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-52)
    taraki_100.jpgUNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura in Dakar for World Press Freedom Day celebrations condemned the murder of Dharmeratnam Sivaram "Taraki", editor of the news website TamilNet and columnist for the Sri Lankan Daily Mirror newspaper on April 28. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Global education digest shows rapid growth in secondary education worldwide
    29-04-2005 12:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-51)
    Four out of every five of the world’s children aged between 10 and 15 are today enrolled in lower secondary education, which is now considered as part of compulsory education in most countries, according to UNESCO’s Global Education Digest 2005. More

  • Session Of Unesco’s Executive Board Closes With Tangible Results
    28-04-2005 6:15 pm - (Press Release N°2005-50)
    The 171st session of UNESCO’s Executive Board, chaired by Ambassador Hans-Heinrich Wrede (Germany), closed today following more than two weeks of debate devoted notably to the preparation of UNESCO’s General Conference to be held next October. The session was “very intensive”, dominated by the question of how to “turn good ideas into good strategies, and from there, into solid application and follow up” said Ambassador Wrede. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • World Press Freedom Day focuses on media and good governance
    27-04-2005 12:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-49)
    Media and Good Governance is the theme of this year’s World Press Freedom Day, May 3,* which UNESCO is observing in Dakar with an international conference on the subject and the award ceremony of the 2005 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • UNESCO Director-General condemns killing of Iraqi cameraman Saleh Ibrahim and calls for improved safety
    26-04-2005 5:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-48)
    UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura today condemned the killing of Iraqi cameraman Saleh Ibrahim in an attack in Mosul, which also left Iraqi photographer Mohammed Ibrahim seriously injured. Both worked for the Associated Press (AP) news agency. The Director-General went on to call for measures to improve the safety of journalists in Iraq. More

  • Major archaeological discoveries in Aksum
    25-04-2005 4:10 pm - (Press Release N°2005-47)
    Major archaeological vestiges have been discovered at the World Heritage site of Aksum (Ethiopia) by the experts UNESCO sent to Aksum (Ethiopia) to survey the World Heritage Site last week. They were sent to prepare for the elevation of the Aksum Obelisk at its original location. The last segment of the 160-tonne 24.6-metre high stele arrived at the airport of Aksum this morning. It had been in Rome since 1937. More

  • Statement by Ambassador Hans-Heinrich Wrede Chairman of the Executive Board on the occasion of the election of Pope Benedict XVI in the Plenary Meeting of the Executive Board
    20-04-2005 11:15 am - ()
    It is my great privilege and genuine pleasure to express, on behalf of the Executive Board, to the distinguished Permanent Observer of the Holy See to UNESCO, our dear colleague and friend Monseigneur Francesco Follo, our most heartfelt congratulations on the election of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. More

  • 171st session of Executive Board starts plenary meetings
    19-04-2005 10:50 am - (Press Release N°2005-46)
    The plenary sessions of UNESCO’s 171st Executive Board began yesterday with addresses by its Chairman, Ambassador Hans-Heinrich Wrede (Germany), and by the Director-General of the Organization, Koïchiro Matsuura. More

  • UNESCO/IOC begins needs assessment of Indian Ocean countries for national tsunami early warning systems
    18-04-2005 6:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-45)
    UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) is working with several Indian Ocean nations to identify their requirements and capacity needs for an effective and durable national tsunami warning and mitigation system. More

  • Towards a tsunami early warning system : No place for complacency says UNESCO Director-General
    15-04-2005 4:25 pm - (Press Release N°2005-44)
    UNESCO Director-General Koichiro Matsuura has urged the countries of the Indian Ocean basin and donor nations to “really commit themselves” to the establishment and implementation of a tsunami warning system for the region. More

  • Space branch of Chinese Science Academy joins UNESCO’s World Heritage Preservation
    14-04-2005 3:25 pm - (Press Release N°2005-43)
    sat_100.jpgChina has signed an agreement to join UNESCO in the Open Initiative on the Use of Space Technology in Support of the World Heritage Convention. The signing - by Guo Huadong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of its Joint Laboratory for Remote Sensing Archaeology, and Marcio Barbosa, Deputy Director-General of UNESCO – took place at Organization Headquarters on April 13. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Director-General condemns assassination of Mexican newspaper editor Raúl Gibb Guerrero
    13-04-2005 9:50 am - (Press Release N°2005-42)
    The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, today condemned the murder of Raúl Gibb Guerrero, editor of regional daily newspaper La Opinión published in the north of the Mexican state of Veracruz. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania at UNESCO
    11-04-2005 5:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-41)
    President Maaouya Ould Sid’Ahmed Taya of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania today opened a conference and an exhibition at UNESCO Headquarters celebrating the cultural heritage of Mauritania and its ancient cities of Ouadane, Chinguetti, Tichitt and Oualata. During his visit the President also held talks with UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Chinese journalist Cheng Yizhong awarded UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize 2005
    07-04-2005 4:35 pm - (Press Release No.2005-39)
    Chinese journalist Cheng Yizhong was named as the laureate of the 2005 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize by UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura, on the recommendation of an independent jury of media professionals from all over the world. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • At UNESCO, the presidents of Iran and Algeria urge continued dialogue among civilizations
    05-04-2005 4:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-38)
    bout_khat_bis_100.jpgSeyed Mohammad Khatami, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of Algeria, today pleaded for open dialogue among civilizations as a necessary condition to improve international relations and development. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • UNESCO Director-General pays homage to Pope John Paul II as a champion of inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue
    03-04-2005 10:50 am - (Press Release No. 2005-37)
    Pope_100.jpgUNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura today expressed his profound sadness over the death of Pope John Paul II, whom he described as a “spiritual guide (who) placed his extraordinary energy, charisma and eloquence at the service of peace and inter-religious dialogue.” More
    Arabic | Russian

  • UNESCO appeals to Indian Ocean nations and donors to maintain momentum in building tsunami early warning system
    30-03-2005 10:05 am - (Press Release N°2005-36)
    The earthquake that struck Sumatra, Indonesia, on March 28, has reinforced the need for a comprehensive, durable tsunami early warning system that will provide the accurate real-time information required by national authorities to properly warn and protect their populations, UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura said today. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Experts warn ecosystem changes threaten development
    30-03-2005 10:00 am - (Press Release N°2005-35)
    A landmark study launched worldwide today shows that approximately 60 percent of the ecosystem services that support life on Earth are being degraded or used unsustainably. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) Synthesis Report,* compiled by 1,300 scientists in 95 countries, warns that the harmful consequences of this degradation could grow significantly worse in the next 50 years. More

  • Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
    21-03-2005 4:20 pm - (Press Release N°2005-34)
    Maha-Chakri_100.jpgUNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura will appoint Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the Empowerment of Minority Children and the Preservation of their Intangible Cultural Heritage at a ceremony to be held in Bangkok on March 24*. More

  • Aksum obelisk returns to Ethiopia: UNESCO to handle its reintegration into the World Heritage site
    17-03-2005 4:50 pm - (Press Release N°2005-33)
    At the request of the Ethiopian and Italian governments, UNESCO will send an evaluation team to Aksum, in northern Ethiopia, to prepare the return of its celebrated obelisk. The obelisk has been in Rome since 1937. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Brunei Darussalam becomes UNESCO’s 191st Member State
    17-03-2005 12:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-32)
    On behalf of the Government of Brunei Darussalam, High Commissioner of Brunei Darussalam to the UK, Pengiran Haji Yunus Pengiran Haji Mahmud, today signed UNESCO’s Constitution, completing his country’s accession to full membership of UNESCO. The Organization now numbers 191 Member States. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Director-General condemns murder of Philippines journalists Romeo Sanchez and Arnulfo Villanueva
    17-03-2005 11:15 am - (Press Release N°2005-31)
    The Director-General of UNESCO Koïchiro Matsuura today condemned the assassination of two journalists in the Philippines, Romeo Sanchez and Arnulfo Villanueva and said it was indispensable that those responsible be tried and punished if freedom of expression is to be protected in the country. More
    Russian | Arabic

  • Finalists chosen for “Mondialogo Engineering Award”
    16-03-2005 4:15 pm - (Press Release N°2005-30)
    An international jury has nominated the finalists for the “Mondialogo Engineering Award”, the first worldwide intercultural contest seeking ideas for sustainable technical improvements in developing countries. Forty project ideas from international universities, selected from 111 proposals, have now been short-listed for one of up to 20 awards totalling 300,000 euros in prize money. The winners will be announced during an international ceremony at the end of May in Berlin. More
    Russian | Arabic

  • UNESCO Programme Grants Funding To 51 New Media Projects In Developing Countries
    09-03-2005 5:20 pm - (Press Release N°2005-29)
    The Bureau of UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) granted US$1,050,000 to 51 media projects in developing countries and countries in transition at its meeting at Headquarters, (March 7 - 9), which was chaired by Torben Krogh (Denmark). More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Director-General condemns the murder of magazine editor Elmar Huseinov in Azerbaijan
    07-03-2005 1:40 pm - (Press Release No.2005-27)
    UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura today condemned the killing in Baku (Azerbaijan) of Elmar Huseinov, founder and editor of the Monitor magazine More

  • Director-General condemns murder of Iraqi television journalist Raeda Mohammed Wageh Wazzan
    03-03-2005 2:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-25)
    Koïchiro Matsuura, the Director-General of UNESCO, today condemned the murder in Iraq of Raeda Mohammed Wageh Wazzan, a journalist at the regional public television station Iraqiya, voicing outrage at a crime against an innocent person and an unacceptable attack on the basic human right of freedom of expression. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Science needs women
    03-03-2005 12:00 pm - (Press Release N°2005-24)
    belita_100.jpgFive remarkable women physicists receive the L’ORÉAL – UNESCO For Women in Science Award for 2005, International Year of Physics. More

  • Cooperation agreement signed by UNESCO and NASA
    01-03-2005 6:00 pm - (Communiqué de presse N°2005-23)
    Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, and Frederick D. Gregory, Deputy Administrator of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), today signed a cooperation agreement at NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Macedonian baritone Boris Trajanov named UNESCO Artist for Peace
    22-02-2005 11:15 am - (Press Release N°2005-22)
    borisV.jpgKoïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, will name Macedonian opera singer Boris Trajanov UNESCO Artist for Peace on February 24 during a ceremony at Organization Headquarters (Room I, 6.30 p.m.). Mr Trajanov will then give a recital, to be followed by a performance of folk dancing by the group Tanec. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • UNESCO Director-General Condemns Murder Of Bangladeshi Journalist Sheikh Belaluddin Ahmed
    17-02-2005 10:00 am - (Press Release No 2005-21)
    UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura has condemned the murder of Bangladeshi journalist Sheikh Belaluddin Ahmed, correspondent of The Daily Sangram newspaper, who died on February 11 six days after being targeted by a bomb attack in front of the Khulna Press Club in southwestern Bangladesh. More
    Russian | Arabic

  • UNESCO Director-General concerned by attacks on freedom of expression in Nepal
    16-02-2005 12:00 pm - (Press Release No 2005-20)
    UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura today expressed deep concern over the attacks against democracy and freedom of expression that have occurred since a state of emergency was declared in Nepal. More

  • Eleven States Ratify Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention
    16-02-2005 11:20 am - (Press Release No 2005-19)
    Eleven States (Algeria, Mauritius, Japan, Gabon, Panama, China, Central African Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and the Republic of Korea) have now ratified the Convention on the Safeguarding on the Intangible Cultural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO’s General Conference in 2003. More
    Russian | Arabic

  • Intergovernmental Committee for Promoting the Return of Cultural Property to its Countries of Origin or its Restitution in Case of Illicit Appropriation ends 13th session
    11-02-2005 5:50 pm - (Press Release No 2005-18)
    The Intergovernmental Committee for Promoting the Return of Cultural Property to its Countries of Origin or its Restitution in case of Illicit Appropriation has expressed its concern over the continued pillaging of cultural objects in Iraq and urged UNESCO and its partners, ICOM, INTERPOL and the Italian Caribinieri, to continue their efforts to stem the illicit trafficking of Iraqi cultural heritage. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • UNESCO Director-General Concerned About Growing Insecurity For Journalists
    11-02-2005 2:05 pm - (Press Release No 2005-17)
    UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura stated today that he is increasingly preoccupied by the growing insecurity in which journalists exercise their profession. More
    Russian | Arabic

  • UNESCO Director-General calls for release of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena
    09-02-2005 11:50 am - (Press Release No 2005-16)
    UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura has called for the release of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, who was kidnapped on February 4 in Baghdad where she was working for the daily newspaper Il Manifesto. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Agreement between Lithuania and the Russian Federation keeps Curonian Spit off List of World Heritage in Danger
    01-02-2005 2:50 pm - (Press Release No 2005-15)
    The Curonian Spit, an elongated sand-dune peninsula straddling the border of Lithuania and the Russian Federation, will not be inscribed on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage in Danger. The decision follows an agreement between the two countries to undertake an environmental assessment of the impact of oil exploration and production in the Baltic Sea, 22 kilometres from the World Heritage site. More

  • Brenz Band appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace
    31-01-2005 4:55 pm - (Press Release No 2005-14)
    Brenz Band, a German group of handicapped musicians, will be appointed a UNESCO Artist for Peace for 2005-2006 by Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura on February 3, at a ceremony to be held at UNESCO Headquarters (Restaurant, 7th floor) at 6 p.m. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • Director-General calls for release of French journalist Florence Aubenas and Iraqi translator Hussein Hanoun al-Saadi
    31-01-2005 3:30 pm - (Press Release No 2005-13)
    UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura today made an urgent plea for the release of French newspaper reporter Florence Aubenas and her Iraqi translator Hussein Hanoun al-Saadi who have been missing in Iraq since January 5. He also deplored the lack of security for media workers in the country. More

  • UNESCO Director-General announces interim tsunami alert system for the Indian Ocean
    29-01-2005 10:00 pm - (Press Release No. 2005-12)
    UNESCO and its Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) are in the process of developing an interim tsunami alert system in the Indian Ocean which will cover the region while a longer-term fully-fledged system is put in place. More
    Russian | Arabic

  • UNESCO Director-General condemns murder of Haitian radio journalist Abdias Jean
    28-01-2005 2:00 pm - (Press Release No 2005 - 11)
    UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura has condemned the murder of Haitian radio reporter Abdias Jean allegedly killed by police in the Village de Dieu sector of the capital Port-au-Prince on January 14. More
    Arabic | Russian

  • First meeting of experts on the cultural heritage of the Old City of Jerusalem
    26-01-2005 2:25 pm - (Press Release No 2005-10)
    UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura today opened the first meeting of a Committee of Experts on the Cultural Heritage of the Old City of Jerusalem, a site inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1981 by virtue of its outstanding cultural value. More

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