UNESCO: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNESCO General Conference - 33rd Session

 The Education for All Exhibition
5-21 October, Hall Ségur, Lower ground floor, Hall between Room X and XI
Education for All is the theme of the Exhibition that will accompany delegates throughout the 33rd session of the General Conference.

The Exhibition takes place in several locations in the Fontenoy building to reflect the fact that Education for All drive cuts across UNESCO’s programmes. The main focus of the Exhibition is the six Education for All goals, which are crucial not only to meet learning needs of all children, youth and adults but also for achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

The Meeting Place
Hall Ségur

This is a space for dialogue, exchange and refl ection. Check out the big screen featuring messages from Ministers, NGO representatives and other delegates on what they will do to achieve Education for All.

Explore three key education challenges to which UNESCO will be devoting much of its programme in 2006-07: teacher training, literacy and HIV/AIDS
prevention education.

Take a journey with the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen for whom writing was an act of love.

The Memory Lane
Lower ground floor

Already 60! The Memory Lane features photos of UNESCO’s work in education over the past 60 years. Revisit the first UNESCO schools, the ambitious literacy campaigns, the boost to girls’ education, the introduction of new technologies.

The Global Village of Learning
Hall between Room X and XI

The world keeps turning instant exchanges…new learning situations…cultural diversity. The Global Village features the world through the surprising Buckminster Fuller world map encircled by images showing learning situations across the globe.

  • Exhibition leaflet
  • exhibition_1_100.jpgInauguration of the Exhibition on Education for All (EFA)

    exhibition_100.jpgInauguration of the Exhibition on Education for All (EFA)

    exhibition_2_100.jpgInauguration of the Exhibition on Education for All (EFA)

    exhibition_3_100.jpgInauguration of the Exhibition on Education for All (EFA)

  • Inauguration of the Exhibition on Education for All (EFA) (05-10-2005 6:00 pm - 05-10-2005 7:00 pm )