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UNESCO and FAO launch training CD-Rom on digitisation for librarians and laymen
Editorial Contact: Armelle Arrou, tel. +33 (0)1 45 68 42 08 - Email

13-05-2005 4:30 pm UNESCO and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization are launching the “Digitization and Digital Libraries” module to teach librarians and laymen how to digitize documents and put them on line and create virtual libraries. The kit, available from the FAO and UNESCO free of charge, is compatible with a wide range of computers, Pentium I and later, as well as older operating systems, making it particularly well-suited for users in developing countries. “This teach-yourself module will contribute greatly to the ability of people in the developing world to digitize information and share it on-line,” declared the Director-General of UNESCO, Koďchiro Matsuura. “Because it can be used both by librarians, information specialists and laymen in developing countries, it should help make cyberspace more inclusive and help promote diversity on the internet.”

The interactive module includes 15 hours of training which users can personalize to meet their particular needs at their own pace. The kit, which features a comprehensive course on how to create virtual libraries, is equally suited for beginners and more advanced users.

The module contains a technical glossary and search function, as well as a wide range of resources such as recommended reading, practical guidelines, software and manual. An on-line community will be launched in association with the module to allow learners to exchange views, share information, and request help from each other.

Source Press Release N°2005-56

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