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UNESCO's contribution

UNESCO’s contribution to the Johannesburg debate emphasizes that human security and poverty alleviation are inconceivable without sustainable development.

This requires that environmental, social and cultural as well as economic aspects of sustainable development be taken together, and that the interactions and interfaces between them be better understood.

Activities relating to sustainable development are found in many parts of UNESCO’s programme, and it is possible to group these activities in several different ways. In this website, activities are presented under five main thematic headings:

In providing an entry to information on these different subjects and thematic areas, this web site will be further developed in the coming weeks, including a gradual broadening of linkages with relevant web sites held by collaborating institutions of various types (governmental, non-governmental, private) at various levels (national, regional, international). New entries will also be prepared on UNESCO work related to sustainable development in more specific cross-cutting fields, additional to the existing entries (tourism, biological diversity, ...).

DocumentsEducation for Sustainability - From Rio to Johannesburg: Lessons learnt from a decade of commitment@ UNESCO Education Sector
A report on the lessons learnt about the contribution of education to sustainable development over the decade between the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992 and the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).  
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