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Hip Hop and HIV/AIDS

On 1-3 April 2005, a Hip Hop World Summit will be held at UNESCO Headquarters. A Round Table and a Workshop on the use of Hip Hop in HIV/AIDS prevention and sensitisation will be organized in the framework of the joint UNESCO/UNAIDS project “A Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care”.  
Hip Hop can directly reach youth and provoke thinking through its use of language, making this artistic expression an ideal tool to deliver effective prevention messages on HIV/AIDS and have positive effects in the efforts to bring an end to the stigma and discrimination faced by people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The round table and the workshop will take place on 3 April 2005. Both events are organized in cooperation with the International Music Council and the Hip Hop Odyssey, New York. Their objectives are:

  • To sensitise the public of the Summit, as well as the Hip Hop professionals (artists, producers, etc.) on issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and the need to address these issues in an appropriate way in their work;
  • To share “best” practices in using Hip Hop in HIV/AIDS prevention and sensitisation among participants from different cultural contexts;
  • To transmit the message of how this medium can be used in a positive and constructive way in the response to HIV/AIDS, focusing on the use of "positive" language in reducing stigma and discrimination faced by people living with HIV/AIDS;
  • To collect ideas for the development of a publication on "How to use Hip Hop in HIV/AIDS prevention", which could serve as a guide for young people who would like to engage in activities around this topic. It should promote the quality standards of prevention or sensitisation programme that use Hip Hop: culturally appropriate, gender responsive, based on human rights and involving people living with HIV.

    For more information, please contact Christoforos Mallouris at

    For more information on the Hip Hop World Summit please see the official website


    Start Date 03-04-2005 12:00 pm -
    End Date 03-04-2005 3:00 pm -
    Event Type Round table and Workshop
    Event Location UNESCO Headquarters

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