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Multi-purposes Community Learning Centers

Pilot Project 

The Multi-purposes Community Learning Centers (MCLC) are local centers to empower marginalized groups and poor communities through providing lifelong learning opportunities for local community in villages, slums, and poor urban areas.

MCLCs are organized and managed by local community to provide various learning opportunities to all community members. The overall goal of the MCLCs is to empower the local community individuals and improve their life quality.

MCLCs target among others, out-of-school children, youth, and deprived women. MCLCs provide education combined with skills and training for income generating activities leading to improving the quality of life of poor people. MCLC can function as a venue for community learning and various development activities. These activities should be flexible and participatory allowing any member of the community to assure a leadership role.

The following definition has been given to the Community Learning Centers in Asia, and it is relevant to the suggested MCLC Pilot Project in the Arab States:

“Local educational institutions outside the formal education system, for villages and urban areas usually set up and managed by local people to provide various learning opportunities for community development and improvement of people quality of life” (UNESCO Bangkok Appeal Training materials for Educational Personnel: ALP-CE, 1995)

The goal of the Project is to set up MCLCs in the following countries: Lebanon, Syria, Palestinian Camps, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, and Yemen. The main purposes of these MCLC are:
- To promote human development by providing opportunities for lifelong learning for all people of the community
- To develop learning networks involving many individuals, governmental and non-governmental organizations, agencies, local resource people, workplace, and schools
- To empower poor community to become self–reliant
- To be a resource center and a venue for the community cultural, recreational, and educational activities.

Project Document MCLC Proj Doc Ar - Dr 1.pdf
Start Date 20 Jun 2004
End Date 30 Nov 2025
Contact First Name Hijazi
Contact Last Name Idris
Keywords Multi purpose community learning center
Geography Keywords arab states lebanon
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