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International symposium in Sana'a on the dialogue among cultures and civilizations

An International Symposium on the Dialogue Among Cultures and Civilizations, organized by the Center for Yemeni Studies and Research in cooperation with UNESCO, will be held on February 10 and 11 at the Sheraton Hotel in Sana’a (Yemen).

The Symposium will be opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Yemen, Abd al-Qadir Ba Jamal, and attended by about 50 intellectuals, specialists, scientists and politicians from different regions of the world.

The promotion of dialogue among cultures and civilizations is a key element of UNESCO’s mission and activities and part of the Global Agenda for Dialogue Among Civilizations, adopted in November 2001 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Aimed at furthering UNESCO’s efforts to promote dialogue, the Sana’a Symposium will be divided into five workshops: Globalization and its effects on the dialogue among cultures and civilizations; The contribution of education to the dialogue among cultures and civilizations; The impact of the accomplishments of Arab culture on other cultures; The role of dialogue in the struggle against all forms of terrorism; The dialogue between East and West, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Symposium follows a series of meetings on the theme of dialogue among civilization, held in New York (September 2000), Vilnius (April 2001), Islamabad (April 2001), Kyoto (July 2001), Paris (December 2001 and January 2003), New Delhi (July 2003), Ohrid (August 2003), Libreville (November 2003 and Abuja (January 2004). Other high level regional meetings are being prepared for 2004 and 2005.

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