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Emerging Humanisms', international philosophy and humanities symposium in Alexandria (Egypt)

The Biblioteca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria) in Egypt will host an international philosophy symposium on December 9 and 10, organized by UNESCO, on the theme of “Emerging Humanisms”.

The emergence of new forms of collective and individual participation in civic affairs, outside organized structures and institutions, raises the following crucial questions, among others, that this symposium will address: Is there a need to recreate or restructure instances of legitimacy? What lessons can be drawn from the humanities about the renewal of values for life in society? How can cultural perspectives and humanistic knowledge further elucidate these trends?

The opening remarks will be made by Ismaïl Serageldin (Egypt), Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and the introduction by Eduardo Portella, essayist and former President of UNESCO’s General Conference. Topics include:

  • “The problem of world citizenship” by Edgar Morin, philosopher (France)
  • “Democracy and values” by Jack Goody, anthropologist (United Kingdom)
  • “Arab Humanism” by Mohamed Arkoun, specialist in Arab-Muslim thought (Algeria)
  • “A New Humanism for a Globalized Society” by Mona Abousenna, philosopher (Egypt)
  • “Post-Modern Liberalism as a New Humanism” by Andrzej Szahaj, philosopher (Poland)
  • “Utopia or Interstitial Utopias: from the Political to the ‘Domestic’” by Michel Maffesoli, sociologist (France)
  • “The political emergence of the affective” by Muniz Sodré, author and professor (Brazil)
  • “Changing Landscapes and Citizens’ Forums in Africa” by Aminata Diaw, philosopher (Senegal)

    The colloquium is organized in cooperation with ORDECC (Organização para o desenvolvimiento da ciência e da cultura, Brazil) within the framework of the UNESCO programme “Pathways of Thought”, a series of symposia that have already covered the themes “Horizons of Memory”, “Justice and Reconciliation”, and “Encounters of Rationalities”.

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