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Bridging the Digital Divide
The free flow of information, made possible by the advent of new technologies such as the internet, holds enormous promise of cultural dialogue and mutual understanding, of quality education. UNESCO implements a global strategy to draw on information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve education worldwide

digitaldivide.jpg Digital Divide
The enormous and growing inequalities between rich and poor nations in access to the new information technologies (ICTs), the so-called "digital divide" threatens to deny this promise to entire regions.

Mending the Gap
Mindful both of the potentials of ICTs and of the dangers of marginalization of those without access to it, UNESCO has developed a four-pronged strategy:
  • A set of common principles for the information society is set: freedom of expression; free, compulsory and universal primary education; the recognition that education and cultural goods and services cannot be treated as mere commodities; the pre-eminence of public policy; promotion of public domain information and public service broadcasting.
  • Access by the greatest number to the learning opportunities offered by new information technologies: recognition of computer literacy as a basic skill, free access to the internet in schools and public libraries.
  • Strengthening capacities for scientific research and information sharing. UNESCO wishes to see increased exchange and cooperation among specialists and interest groups working in the fields of education, science, culture and communication.
  • Encouraging states to use ICTs to promote greater participation by citizens in democratic life.
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Start Date 29-09-2003 3:00 pm
End Date 29-09-2003 3:00 pm


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