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UNESCO is primarily taking part in planning the rehabilitation of Afghanistan's education system including schools, universities, vocational training institutions, and non-formal education system.    



    UNESCO is primarily taking part in planning the rehabilitation of Afghanistan's education system including schools, universities, vocational training institutions, and non-formal education system.

    This work includes providing expertise for planning, curriculum development and teacher training.

    The rehabilitation of education in Afghanistan is a massive task and challenge, both for Afghans and the international community. Meeting this challenge will require the mobilisation of all Afghanistan's external partners working within a rehabilitation framework defined by Afghans.

    UNESCO will provide assistance in printing textbooks for all levels of education and it is committed to help Afghanistan develop an open learning programme drawing on radio and new technologies to reach people outside formal education.

    UNESCO is helping in the rehabilitation of school and academic libraries. It is also working in Kabul, providing assistance to the ministers of education and higher education.

    UNESCO begins reconstruction of the Higher Teachers Training College in Kabul@ - (UNESCO Kabul)
    13-03-2003 4:00 pm The rehabilitation of the Sayyid Jamaluddin Higher Teachers Training College in Kabul is now underway. The College has a staff of 76 trainers and will enrol 1,500 trainees for the school year 2003-2004 starting March 21. It also offers in-service training all year round to teachers from all regions of Afghanistan. More

    UNESCO and the government of Afghanistan launch nationwide literacy project - (Press Release N° 2003-06)
    28-01-2003 4:00 pm Paris – UNESCO and the Government of Afghanistan today launched a major project to boost literacy throughout Afghanistan, which suffers one of the world’s lowest literacy rates. UNESCO estimates that only 51.9 percent of Afghan men over the age of 15 and a mere 21.9 percent of women in the same age group can read and write. More

    Revitalizing Education the Key to Afghanistan’s Future@ - (UNESCOPRESS)
    22-12-2002 11:00 pm According to education authorities in Afghanistan, some one and a half million school-age children cannot attend classes because there are not enough schools or teachers for them. This situation poses a direct threat to the country’s fragile peace process and reconstruction, warned members of the Afghan High Commission on Education at the close of their week-long inaugural meeting at UNESCO’s Paris Headquarters on Saturday (Dec. 21). More

    High Commission on Education for Afghanistan meets at UNESCO@ - (UNESCOPRESS Media advisory)
    09-12-2002 11:00 pm The Afghan ministers of education and higher education, Mohammad Younus Qanooni and Mohammad Sharif Faiz, will attend the first meeting of the High Commission on Education for Afghanistan at UNESCO Headquarters from December 16 to 21. More

    UNESCO rehabilitates teacher training college in Afghanistan - (UNESCO Education)
    11-11-2002 11:00 pm UNESCO Office in Kabul starts this week the rehabilitation of the Pedagogical Institute/Teacher Training College in Herat, Afghanistan. More

    UNESCO receives Italian funds to boost Education for All efforts in Afghanistan - (UNESCO Education)
    22-10-2002 10:00 pm From-Afghanistan.jpgThanks to funds provided by the Government of Italy, UNESCO will be able to develop the institutional capacity within the Education Ministry in Afghanistan to better manage the reconstruction of the education system. More

    Afghan university heads attend UNESCO seminar on higher education@ - (UNESCO Education)
    20-10-2002 10:00 pm Cnv0015_100.jpgThe heads of Afghanistan's eight universities and nine pedagogical institutes, as well as some key officials from the Ministry of Higher Education are currently discussing the management of higher education in the war-torn country during a three-day seminar that was inaugurated on 20 October. More

    Germany funds Afghanistan Education through UNESCO@ - (UNESCO Kabul Office)
    08-10-2002 10:00 pm german_100.jpgA plan of operation to reinforce various aspects of education in Afghanistan was signed in Kabul today. More

    UNESCO Trains Afghan Educators in Computer Skills@ - (UNESCO Webworld)
    07-10-2002 10:00 pm Seventy-six teachers and Ministry of Education administrative staff have graduated from a UNESCO implemented computer training programme in Kabul. More

    Afghan Students and Teachers visit Japan@ - (UNESCO Kabul Office)
    06-10-2002 10:00 pm JAPANTRIPPIC_100.jpgA meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan is to be the highlight of a one week visit to Tokyo by four secondary school students and two teachers from Afghanistan. More

    Bamiyan women and girls get UNESCO books@ - (UNESCO Kabul Office)
    23-09-2002 10:00 pm booksBamyan_100.jpgA number of teachers and students in the historical city of Bamiyan in Afghanistan have received educational support from UNESCO. More

    UNESCO Computer/Internet Centre Opened at Education Ministry in Kabul@ - (CI Webworld News)
    21-05-2002 10:00 pm afghanistan_computercentre_group sm.jpg- An Internet equipped computer training centre established within the Ministry of Education in Kabul was officially opened on Monday (20th May, 2002). More

    Library of Faculty of Journalism at Kabul University Takes Shape@ - (CI WebWorld News)
    07-04-2002 10:00 pm News0804Librarysmall.jpgAfter one month overseas on a UNESCO-funded rapid skills upgrading programme, Professor Hedayatullah Wafa, acting Dean of the Faculty of Journalism at Kabul University, and seven of his lecturer colleagues returned to Afghanistan to find a new Faculty library and UNESCO INFOYOUTH computer centre taking shape. More

    Education workshop held in Kabul - (UNESCO Kabul)
    28-02-2002 11:00 pm - More than 90 delegates from 26 provinces of Afghanistan attended the two-day "National workshop on future directions of education in Afghanistan" held recently in Kabul. More

    ICT training for Afghan Students Supported by UNESCO - ()
    13-02-2002 11:00 pm - Work for the establishment of an INFOYOUTH Computer Centre at the Faculty of Journalism at Kabul University has now started. The Centre, which is entirely funded by UNESCO, will provide basic information and communication facilities, including access to the Internet and will offer ICT training for the students, especially of young women. More

    UNICEF Equips Thousands Of Students - (UN Wire)
    06-02-2002 11:00 pm - UNICEF has purchased 9,400 "school-in-a-box" kits in advance of the opening of school March 21, UNICEF spokeswoman Lynn Geldof said Tuesday. Each kit contains exercise books, crayons, scissors, rulers, erasers and slates for 80 students and writing materials, a chalkboard, a clock and a compass for their teacher. More

    1,000 Women Take University Entrance Exams - (UN Wire)
    06-02-2002 11:00 pm - For the first time in five years, Afghan women took university entrance examinations yesterday, as 1,000 women joined thousands of men in taking UNESCO-supported exams at Kabul University and other institutions around Afghanistan. More

    Women heading back to higher education - (IRIN News.org)
    05-02-2002 11:00 pm - For the first time in five years, an estimated one thousand women throughout Afghanistan participated in university entrance examinations this year. Wednesday’s event offers fresh hope to thousands of women seeking higher education denied them by the Taliban. More

    Education and Afghan Society in the Twentieth Century - (UNESCO Education Sector)
    31-01-2002 11:00 pm - A UNESCO publication entitled " Education and Afghan Society in the Twentieth Century" is now available freely in electronic format. It traces and analyses the development of modern education in Afghanistan reflecting the changing political, social and cultural policies in the country. More

    UNESCO Launches its Strategy to Support Education in Afghanistan - (UNESCO Education Sector)
    16-01-2002 11:00 pm - In its support to education in Afghanistan, UNESCO will promote universal primary education especially for girls, the expansion of primary schooling with access to secondary education. More

    EDUCATION - Capacity development for Technical/Vocational Education@
    Technical and vocational education provides vital skills for national reconstruction, and assists the insertion of youth, women, ex-combatants and others into the labour force. It can also equip these individuals with the knowledge, skills and attitudest >> More

    EDUCATION - Curriculum Developemnt@
    Replacing the previous outdated curricula and textbooks will improve the quality and relevance of schooling as well as the inclusion of contents and methodologies that support peace, human rights and citizenship, while fostering attitudes such as critical >> More

    EDUCATION - Promoting Literacy, Youth and Adult Education@
    The overall objective of the project is to provide the basis for strengthening personnel and institutional capacities at local, provincial and national levels in policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of literacy and non-formal education. >> More

    EDUCATION - Strengthening the Capacity of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education@
    UNESCO, as part of its fundamental mandate, wishes to support Afghanistan in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the education system, notably in strengthening the capacity to plan for and implement a policy of Education For All (EFA). >> More

    EDUCATION - Support for the Renewal of Higher Education@
    Afghanistan previously had a well developed system of higher education, which has been disrupted by two decades of war and neglect, and recent discontinuation of female education. >> More

    EDUCATION - Support for the Secondary Education Sector@
    Equitable access to appropriate learning and life skills programmes will be ensured, all forms of gender discrimination will be eliminated. >> More

    EDUCATION - Training of Teachers for Primary and Secondary levels within the Bask-to-School campaign@
    The reconstruction of education in Afghanistan will entail the employment of many teachers who lack adequate education, professional training and experience. >> More

    Education book in Afghanistan copy.gifEducation and Afghan Society in the twentieh century
    A UNESCO Education document published in November 2001

    New Tests for Afghanistan's Education System - by Mark Nicholson
    This article provides background information about the education system of Afghanistan. More

    Education and Afghan Society in the twentieth century - by Saif R. Samady
    Published in November 2001, this UNESCO Education document, traces and analyses the development of modern education in Afghanistan reflecting the changing political, social and cultural policies in the country. More

    Education troubles in Afghanistan (1999) - by Latika Padgaonkar
    Part of the grassroot stories on Education for All around the world written by journalists, non-governmental organizations and others prior to the 2000 World Education Forum More

    Innovative Strategies in Learning through Technology for Returning Refugees in Afghanistan (1999) - by
    Potential for media-technology and distance education as a cost-effective way to reach and educate the maximum number of people More