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The States parties hereto, being -also parties to the Universal Copyright Convention (hereinafter referred to, as the `Convention'),

Have accepted the following provisions:

1. Stateless persons and refugees who have their habitual residence in a State party to this Protocol shall, for the purposes of the Convention, be assimilated to the nationals of that State.

2. (a) This Protocol shall be signed and shall be subject to ratification or acceptance, or may be acceded to, as if the provisions of Article VIII of the Convention applied hereto.
(b) This Protocol shall enter into force in respect of each State, on the date of deposit of the instrument of ratification, acceptance or accession of the State concerned or on the date of entry into force of the Convention with respect to such State, whichever is the later.

IN FAITH WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized thereto, have signed this Protocol.

Done at Geneva this sixth day of September 1952, in the English, French and Spanish languages, the three texts being equally authoritative, in a single copy which shall be deposited with the Director-General of UNESCO. The Director General shall send certified copies to the signatory States, to the Swiss Federal Council and to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for registration.

Official Text protann16sp1952.pdf
Date of adoption 1952
Declarations and Reservations Hungary (Translation) “(…) the Hungarian Permanent Delegation declares on behalf of the Presidential Council of the Hungarian People’s Republic that the provisions of Article XIII of the said Convention are contrary to the fundamental principle of international law concerning the self-determination of peoples, which the United Nations General Assembly also wrote into its resolution 1514(XV) on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples (…)” (see letter CL/2117 of 7 December 1970). Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Translation) “In acceding to the Universal (Geneva) Copyright Convention of 1952, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics declares that the provisions of Article XIII of the Convention are outdated and are contrary to the Declaration of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples (Resolution 1514(XV), 14 December 1960), which proclaims the necessity of bringing to a speedy and unconditional end colonialism in all its form and manifestations” (See letter CL/2275 of 20 April 1973.)
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