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20-06-2003 5:30 pm New York: On 23 June 2003, the United Nations will launch the ‘Humanitarian Appeal for Iraq’ at the United Nations Secretariat at 10:30 a.m. in the ECOSOC Chamber.
The ‘Humanitarian Appeal for Iraq’ reflects substantial revisions made to the ‘Flash Appeal for the Humanitarian Requirements of the Iraq Crisis’, which the United Nations launched on 28 March 2003. Fortunately, humanitarian needs in Iraq have not risen to the level for which UN humanitarian agencies had prepared before the conflict, but the humanitarian situation in Iraq remains serious. Due to the lack of a functioning economy, combined with prolonged reliance on the ration system, virtually all of the population of Iraq will require food aid in the short-term in order to survive. The revised appeal is based on a broad range of humanitarian needs assessments on the ground and extensive consultations. It covers revised requirements for the period from 1 April to 31 December 2003, and will take into account resources that are being made available under the Oil-for-Food Programme and donor contributions already received.

A total of approximately US $259 million in additional funding is being sought. The ‘Flash Appeal for Iraq’, requesting US $2.2 billion to cover needs for six months, was issued in March. Generous donor funding (approximately US $900 million) and access to the resources of the Oil-for-Food Programme (US $1.1 billion) have meant that US $2 billion is already available for humanitarian aid for the people of Iraq. The revised humanitarian appeal for Iraq seeks to meet the needs of the Iraqi people up to the end of the year. It is this healthy funding status which has necessitated that only US $259 million be sought in funding.

The Deputy Secretary-General will formally present the ‘Humanitarian Appeal for Iraq’ on Monday, 23 June 2003. Also in attendance and providing remarks for the occasion will be the Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mr. Kenzo Oshima, and the Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, Mr. Ramiro Lopez da Silva. Senior representatives from other United Nations humanitarian and development agencies will be attending the launch as well.

The initial statements and the screening of a short video on Iraq will be open to the media.

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Author(s) United Nations


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