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UNESCO helps in rehabilitating Afghanistan in support of Afghanistan's search for peace, security and development.    

UNESCO and Afghanistan

UNESCO and Afghanistan

    UNESCO helps in rehabilitating Afghanistan in support of Afghanistan's search for peace, security and development.

    The foundation of UNESCO's approach towards the Afghan crisis is the need to help Afghanistan to help itself.

    Leadership of Afghanistan's recovery and rehabilitation process must rest with Afghans themselves.

    While external support is clearly vital, lasting peace and security must be developed and sustained from within.

    UNESCO's actions, therefore, are designed to facilitate and support Afghanistan in taking command of its own destiny.

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    Presidents of Afghanistan and Germany celebrate human dignity at special 60th anniversary session of General Conference - (Press Release N°2005-113)
    05-10-2005 6:40 pm karzai_seul.jpgPresident Hamid Karzai, of Afghanistan and President Horst Köhler of Germany today addressed UNESCO’s General Conference, during a special session to mark the 60th anniversary of the Organization, which was dedicated to human dignity. More

    8ème réunion de l’équipe spéciale intersectorielle sur l’Afghanistan - (Flash Info 100-2004)
    17-06-2004 11:20 am A quelques jours de la visite qu’il effectuera à Kaboul du 30 juin au 2 juillet prochains, le Directeur général a réuni le 16 juin l’équipe spéciale intersectorielle sur l’Afghanistan. Au cours de cette réunion qui est la huitième depuis la mise en place de cette équipe, un point complet a été fait sur la situation sur le terrain et sur l’état d’avancement des activités de l’UNESCO dans les domaines de l’éducation, des sciences, de la culture et de la communication. More

    Experts from UNESCO and ICOMOS meet in Munich to study preservation of Bamiyan site in Afghanistan - (Media advisory No 2003 - 109)
    17-12-2003 11:00 am Around 20 experts will meet in Munich, Germany, from December 18 to 20 to take stock of progress in preserving the Bamiyan site in Afghanistan. It is the second meeting of experts working on the site and is organized jointly by UNESCO and the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). More

    Afghan Minister presents UNESCO with Report of the Afghan Independent High Commission on Education@ - (Flash Info 221)
    03-10-2003 5:35 pm AfghanV.jpgThe Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Abdullah Abdullah, today presented the Director-General of UNESCO, Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, with the synopsis report and recommendations of his Government’s Independent High Commission on Education. More

    Réunion de l’équipe spéciale intersectorielle sur l’Afghanistan@ - (Flash Info 208)
    28-09-2003 6:25 pm Le Directeur général a réuni, le jeudi 25 septembre, l’équipe spéciale intersectorielle sur l’Afghanistan. More

    Comprehensive training package for professionals working at the Afghan Educational Radio Television - (UNESCO Kabul)
    27-08-2003 9:00 am ERTVtraining-Begana_sm.jpgThis week, UNESCO launched a 3-months training programme for the staff of ERTV, Afghanistan’s Educational Radio Television. Thanks to this programme, ERTV staff will gain professional knowledge and skills in key areas such as: TV and radio techniques, use of digital equipment (radio and television), programme production, English language and computer literacy. More

    Afghanistan on the (rocky) road to recovery@ - (A World of Science - Vol 1 No 4 - July / September 2003)
    15-07-2003 2:00 pm Ghaz-Khan-region--confluence.jpgWater rhymes with survival in Afghanistan. In a country prone to prolonged periods of drought, 85% of people remain reliant on agriculture for their livelihood. Competition for the resources of the region’s rivers is rife; the negotiation of international agreements between Afghanistan and its downstream neighbours will thus be essential to ensuring the consolidation of peace. More

    Cave murals in Baimyan get UNESCO assistance - (UNESCO Kabul)
    16-06-2003 3:00 pm Vcavemural1.jpgThe safeguarding of key historical sites in Bamiyan,central Afghanistan, has been further assured following the recent signing of a major agreement between UNESCO and the Governments of Afghanistan and Japan. More

    First Plenary Session of International Coordination Committee for the Safeguarding of Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage at UNESCO@ - (Media Advisory No 2003 - 52)
    13-06-2003 2:30 pm Paris – The First Plenary Session of the International Coordination Committee (ICC) for the Safeguarding of Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage, to be held at UNESCO from June 16 to 18, will bring together some 40 experts in the presence of representatives of the Member States that have contributed to these safeguarding activities. They will examine the progress of initiatives in this area and recommend measures to ensure the coordination. More

    Photo Exhibition: "WORK IN PROGRESS: the Rebirth of Kabul Museum" - (UNESCO Kabul)
    13-06-2003 8:00 am Today, His Excellency Dr. Sayed M. Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan, opened a photographic exhibition entitled “WORK IN PROGRESS: the Rebirth of Kabul Museum”, at the National Museum in Kabul More

    Afghan film director Siddiq Barmak to receive UNESCO's Fellini medal@ - (Media Advisory No 2003 - 51)
    12-06-2003 1:00 pm Paris – Afghan film director Siddiq Barmak will receive UNESCO’s Fellini Silver Medal on June 16th from Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura, during the preview screening of his first feature film Osama. The film, a tribute to Afghan women, will be shown on the occasion of the first plenary session of the International Coordination Committee for the Safeguarding of Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage. More

    Afghanistan's Educational Television Upgrade - (UNESCO Kabul)
    23-05-2003 9:00 am The educational television (ETV) service in Afghanistan is now being upgraded under a major UNESCO implemented project. The two year programme, funded by the Government of Italy, includes the rehabilitation of the partially destroyed former headquarters of the ETV service in Kabul, purchase of equipment and training. More

    Afghanistan Celebrates World Press Freedom Day - (UNESCO Kabul)
    05-05-2003 3:00 pm Three round-table discussions were held in Kabul to mark World Press Freedom Day (3rd May, 2003). The meetings were hosted by the AINA Media and Cultural Centre, a UNESCO supported training institute, in collaboration with the Kabul Press Club, Reporters sans Frontieres, Media Action International and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. More

    UNESCO supports first national consultation on “Sports for All” in Afghanistan - (UNESCO Kabul)
    03-05-2003 3:00 pm Opening the “National Conference to Promote Sports for All in Afghanistan” (Kabul, Afghanistan, 3 May 2003) organized by the Afghan National Olympic Committee (ANOC) jointly with UNESCO, President Hamid Karzai committed his Government to the revitalization of sports, based on principles of equal access, of tolerance and nation-building. More

    A Week for Afghanistan at UNESCO - (Media Avisory No. 2003-31)
    09-04-2003 10:00 am Paris, April 7 - One Week for Afghanistan, taking place at UNESCO Headquarters from April 9 to 17, will offer a view of the country’s artistic heritage, as well as its poetry and literature. More

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    Histoire de la ville de Hérat - by Cristina L'Homme
    01/10/02 -A travers les siècles, le destin d'une ville qui a été envahie par des conquérants comme Cyrus et Darius, Alexandre, puis Gengis Khan et Tamerlan.More

    Le maire de Hérat en visite à l'UNESCO - by Cristina L’Homme
    019/09/02 -Fort préoccupé par la reconstruction et la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel de Hérat, le maire de cette ville, Mohamed Rafiq Modjhadiddi a profité d'un voyage à Paris pour rencontrer les responsables de la Division du patrimoine culturel.More

    Official Statements
    Hamid Karzai's visit at UNESCO - Speeches and debates at UNESCO’s Executive Board on the occasion of the visit of His Excellency Mr Karzai, Chairman of the Interim Administration of Afghanistan UNESCO, 1 March 2002 - Introduction (HTML)

    PhLibrarysmall.jpgLibrary in Afghanistan
    Kabul, 1981

    PhKabul Museumsmall.jpgKabul Museum
    Kabul, January 2002

    PhAfghan refugeessmall.jpgAfghan family in refugee camp
    (c) IRIN

    RefugeeSmall.jpgMr Matsuura visits an afghan refugee camp
    Pakistan, January 2002

    KarsaiDGSmall.jpgUNESCO DG Mr Matsuura and Mr Karzai
    Kabul, January 2002

    PhReadersKabul Weeklysmall.jpg'Kabul Weekly' - readers in the street
    Kabul, January 2002

    PhReaderofKabul Weeklysmall.jpg'Kabul Weekly' - Man reading first issue
    Kabul, January 2002

    ArrivalSmall.jpgUNESCO DG arriving in Afghanistan
    Mr Matsuura arriving

    MinistreDGSmall.jpgUnesco Director General, Mr Matsuura and Afghan Minister of Education
    Kabul, January 2002

    phDG and Hadlowsmall.jpgUNESCO Director-General Matsuura and Martin Hadlow, UNESCO Teamleader, Afghanistan
    Kabul, January 2002

    Kabul-weeklysmall.gif'Kabul Weekly' - Frontpage of First Issue - 23/01/2002
    One - Issue N° 1 - Thursday 23 January 2002 - 4th of Dalv - 1380 kh

    PhDG and Afghan Officialssmall.jpgUNESCO Director-General Matsuura and Afghan officials
    Kabul, January 2002

    Pumping-Thumb.jpgChildren pumping water
    Children pumping water from a Kabul well in August 2002. Note the wastage caused by spillage

    Kabul-River-Thumb.jpgKabul River
    Almost dry, Kabul River is incapable of sustaining the capital’s 3 million inhabitants

    Water-Flow-Thumb.jpgWater flow of Helmand River, 1991–2001
    Source (United Nations Interagency Assessment Report on the Extreme Drought in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, July 2001.)

    Food-Security-Thumb.jpgFood Security
    Food security remains one of the highest priorities in Afghanistan, especially in the spring and early summer before the harvest. Here, residents tilling the earth in central Kabul.

    Phnau_rouz_1small.jpgNau Rouz celebration (New Year)
    Kabul Olympic stadium

    Phnau_rouz_2small.jpgNau Rouz celebration
    Kabul Olympic stadium

    Phnau_rouz_3small.jpgNau Rouz celebration
    Kabul Olympic stadium

    PhRadiosmall.jpgRadio Listeners
    Kabul, 1981

    PhReading materialsmall.jpgReading material
    Documents in Afghanistan

    PhRefugee campsmall.jpgRefugee camp
    Afghan refugee camps at Shamshatoo and Jalozai

    PhMakhdoom_DGsmall.jpgSaid Makhdoom Raheen, Koïchiro Matsuura
    UNESCO Headquarters, 28 February 2002 (c) UNESCO

    PhHigher Education IRINsmall.jpgSuma Walizada dreams of being a doctor
    Kabul, February 2002

    PhTeacher and pupilssmall.jpgTeacher and pupils
    in Afghanistan

    Phkarzai_officialssmall.jpgUNESCO and Afghan officials
    UNESCO Headquarters, 1 March 2002 (c) UNESCO

    PhDistributionofKabul Weeklysmall.jpg'Kabul Weekly' - Sharing of the first issue
    Kabul, January 2002

    PhFirstissuesmall.jpg'Kabul Weekly' - The very first issue
    Kabul, January 2002

    PhKabul WeeklyinKabul'streetssmall.jpg'Kabul Weekly' in the streets
    Kabul, January 2002

    MuseeDGSmall.jpgKabul museum
    January 2002

    MinaretJamSmall.jpgMinaret of JAM
    Islamic architecture, 1974