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10007779_250.jpg Status and entitlements of Associate Experts at UNESCO

Because you are contributing to international development as an Associate Expert, UNESCO, in agreement with the donor country, pays you a salary, emoluments and other benefits commensurate with the specific status of United Nations staff.


You will normally be appointed for a fixed period of one year that may be renewed for a second year. The first nine months are considered to be a probationary period enabling us to evaluate your performance and conduct.

Your ability to fit into UNESCO’s intercultural environment will be a major criterion in the evaluation.


In return, UNESCO pays you a salary in line with your professional level and allowances that take account of the cost of living in your duty station.

  • Base salary
    The amount of your base salary is set on the basis of the proposal of the country of which you are a national/of the donor country of which you are a national.
    It will correspond to grades P1-P2 of UNESCO’s Professional posts.

  • Post adjustment
    The base salary is supplemented by a post adjustment which varies according to the cost of living in the duty station and the exchange rate of the United States dollar. The post adjustment, set by the United Nations as a percentage of the base salary, guarantees you the same purchasing power in every duty station by stabilising the monthly salary in local currency. For example, if you work at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, your monthly salary in euros will remain stable despite any variations in the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro.

  • Tax exemption
    Salaries, grants and allowances paid by UNESCO are normally exempt from income tax.


    By means of the specific arrangements made for Associate Experts, you will enjoy other benefits provided to UNESCO staff members.

    To find out more, you can consult the relevant section on the status and benefits of professional staff at UNESCO.

    Generic Field
    How to do

    Asssociate Expert

  • First, assess your skills: have you got the right profile?
  • If so, see how to apply
  • If you succeed to go through the recruitment process you will receive a professional training.
  • And obtain the status and entitlements of a UNESCO Associate Expert

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