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What is Sustainable Development?

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Some Action Themes
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Ensuring Sustainable Development through Cultural Diversity  

sociocultural50.jpgSocio-Cultural Research on Information, Education & Communication and Advocacy - by UNESCO
This Practical Guide is a follow-up activity to a major UNESCO/UNFPA Project (Understanding Socio-cultural factors Affecting Demographic Behaviour and Implication for the Formation and Execution of Population Policies and Programmes), commissioned by UNESCO and undertaken by Aidcom in Malaysia. More

easy50.gifEasy Guide to Undertake Socio-Cultural Research - by UNESCO
The scope of this guide is limited to first time users in action-oriented participatory research. It provides the basic important concepts and tools for data collection and analysis for new and ongoing projects. More

Langue50.jpgAtlas of the World’s Languages in Danger of Disappearing - by Stephen A. Wurm
Provides a worldwide overview of language More

morin50.jpgSeven complex lessons in education for the future - by Edgar, Morin
The purpose of this text is to examine fundamental problems that are overlooked or neglected in education. These problems are presented as "seven complex lessons" that should be covered in an education of the future in all societies in every culture, according to means and rules appropriate to those societies and cultures. More

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Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger of Disappearing
Stephen A. Wurm

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