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UNESCO Implementing Mauritius Strategy


 1.  Climate change
 2.  Natural disasters
 3.  Waste Management
 4.  Coastal & marine resources
 5.  Freshwater resources
 6.  Land resources
 7.  Energy resources
 8.  Tourism resources
 9.  Biodiversity resources
10. Transport & communication
11. Science & technology
12. Graduation from LDC status
13. Trade
14. Capacity building & ESD
15. Production & consumption
16. Enabling environments
17. Health
18. Knowledge management
19. Culture
20. Implementation
UNESCO at Mauritius '05
Contributions & events
From Barbados'94 to Mauritius'05
UNESCO involvement
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From Barbados to Mauritius

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Pacific Regional Meeting for the Review of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing Stages (Apia, Samoa 04-08-2003 - 08-08-2003)

Sustainable Development: The Dilemma of Implementation for Small Developing Countries (Georgetown, Guyana 07-08-2003 - 13-08-2003)
Organized by the University of Guyana in collaboration with the Caribbean Group of the Institute of British Geographers/ Royal Geographical Society. More

The Vulnerability of SIDS: Enhancing Resilience –the Role of the Private Sector, Civil Society and Trade in the Sustainable Development of SIDS (Roseau, Dominica 29-09-2003 - 03-10-2003)
One of several technical workshops in 2002-2003 reviewing progress and identifying future directions of work related to the sustainable development of SIDS. More

International Conference on Sustainability Indicators (Valletta, Malta 06-11-2003 - 08-11-2003)
Organized by the Islands and Small States Institute of the University of Malta. More

Islands in a Water of Words: Third International Conference on the Literature of Small Islands (University of Tasmania, early 2004 02-01-2004 - 02-01-2004)

Inter-regional preparatory meeting (Nassau, The Bahamas 26-01-2004 - 30-01-2004)

Ninth Festival of Pacific Arts (Palau 22-07-2004 - 31-07-2004)
Traditional and contemporary arts from 27 Pacific island countries and territories. More

International Conference on Small Island Cultures (Kagoshima University Research Center for the Pacific Islands, Japan 07-02-2005 - 12-02-2005)
Co-organized by Kagoshima University Research Center for the Pacific Islands and the Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI) and co-sponsored by the Japan Society of Island Studies (Nihon Tousho Gakkai). More

Population and Development in Island Countries, States and Territories (Tours, France 18-07-2005 - 23-07-2005)
One of the component sessions in the XXV International Population Conference organized by the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP), the main international association of demographers. More






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