United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
DocumentsReview of the working methods, procedures and practices of the Committee on Conventions and Recommendations (205 EX/36)
DocumentsImplementation of standard-setting instruments - General Monitoring (205 EX/19)
DocumentsImplementation of standard-setting instruments (205 EX/19 - Annex)
DocumentsReport of the Committee on Convention and Recommendations (204 EX/33)
DocumentsImplementation of standard-setting instruments (204 EX/18 Parts I - VI)
DocumentsInformation Document on the CR Committee (204 EX/CR/2)
DocumentsThe Committee on Conventions and Recommendations - 2018 Edition
DocumentsBasic Texts - 2018 Edition
DocumentsThe Executive Board of UNESCO - 2018 Edition
DocumentsComprehensive report by the Director-General on UNESCO's standard-setting instruments (39 C/INF.10)
DocumentsStandard-setting in UNESCO
DocumentsDocuments concerning the CR Committee since the 159th session of the Executive Board
DocumentsReports of the Credentials Committee since the 26th session of the General Conference
DocumentsReports of the Legal Committee since the 28th session of the General Conference

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