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Conventions and Agreements of Standard-Setting Nature adopted under the auspices of UNESCO solely or jointly with other International Organizations. Member states who sign or agree to abide by the convention are added to the list of state parties.

More information on Conventions

UNESCO Conventions Ceremony 15 Nov 2019 - 15 Nov 2019
Event on the margins of the 40th session of the General Conference, Friday 15 November 2019, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., UNESCO Headquarters. More

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Office of International Standards and Legal Affairs
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  • Legal Instruments
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  • Comprehensive report by the Director-General to the General Conference on UNESCO’S standard-setting instruments
  • Conciliation and Good Offices Commission to be responsible for seeking the settlement of any dispute which might arise between States Parties to the Convention
  • Depositary Letters
  • Model instrument of ratification
  • Model of full powers for signature
  • Rules of Procedure concerning recommendations to Member States and international conventions covered by the terms of Article IV, paragraph 4, of the Constitution
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  • Standard-setting in UNESCO
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  • Timetable for 2018-2021 of work of the CR Committee on the implementation of the standard-setting instruments for whose monitoring the Executive Board is responsible
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