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All international Professional posts open to recruitment are in the list of vacancies. UNESCO particularly welcomes applications from women and individuals from unrepresented and under-represented countries.

Guide for applying online and off-line

Before you apply, make sure that your profile matches the requirements of the job in question as set out in the vacancy notice.

UNESCO recommends that you submit your application directly on this site, using the RecrutWeb online recruitment system, which we have placed at your disposal.

RecrutWeb is a simple, user-friendly system, enabling applicants to respond immediately and entirely confidentially to a vacancy notice as soon as it is posted. It also ensures that you provide all the information required for a full assessment of your application. The information you provide will be saved and you may use it for any other applications which you may make in the future.

If you do not have Internet access, you can send your CV and a supporting letter by post. You will have to check whether you have included all the information needed to evaluate your application, which might not be considered if it is incomplete.

If you wish to submit your application now, follow the directions in the guide for applying online or off-line, as appropriate.

Application guide

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  • Off-line

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  • First, assess your skills: have you got the right profile?
  • If so, see how to apply
    with the guide for applying online or off-line,
  • If you succeed to go through the recruitment process step by step,
  • You’ll obtain the status and entitlements of professionals at UNESCO.

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