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Have you got the right profile?

Before applying for a Professional post at UNESCO, assess your eligibility: have you got the right job profile?

To guide you in this process, the necessary qualifications are listed below:

  • Education: university degree in education, culture, science, social and human sciences or communication or in a field linked directly to the management and administration of an international organization.

  • Languages: an excellent knowledge of either French or English (the two working languages) and a good knowledge of the other language. A knowledge of Arabic, Chinese, Spanish or Russian is an additional asset.
    Note: for applicants from unrepresented or under-represented countries, knowledge of a single UNESCO working language is acceptable. However, once appointed, the staff member must learn the second working language.

  • Attitude: awareness of the multiple facets of a multicultural world and a commitment to international public service are essential.

  • Experience: as a rule, two to three years’ experience for junior professionals (grade P-1/P-2); four to eight years’ experience for middle-ranking professionals (grade P-3/P-4); ten to 15 years’ experience, including management experience, for management professionals (grade P-5, D and ADG).

    In addition to these essential features common to all Professional posts, each vacant post has its own specific requirements, which can be found in the post vacancy notice.






  • How to do


  • First, assess your skills: have you got the right profile?
  • If so, see how to apply
    with the guide for applying online or off-line,
  • If you succeed to go through the recruitment process step by step,
  • You’ll obtain the status and entitlements of professionals at UNESCO.

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