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7, Place de Fontenoy
75352 PARIS 07 SP, France


Nurturing the democratic debate.  
25-03-2003 10:00 am Paris – Representatives of two South American community radios – the Radio Huanacache network set up by the Maestro Pablo Pizzuno School in Argentina and the Peruvian radio station Quispillaccta – will receive the IPDC-UNESCO Prize for Rural Communication from Torben Krogh, Chairperson of the Intergovernmental Council of the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), on March 26 at UNESCO Headquarters (5 p.m.).

The award ceremony will be part of the 23rd session of the IPDC and will be attended by representatives of the Council’s 39 Member States. The Maestro Pablo Pizzuno School will be represented by its principal, Ricardo Dantón Croce, and Radio Quispillaccta by one of its senior staff, Marcela Machaca Mendieta, as well as the head of the town council in the farming community of Quispillaccta, Juan José Galindo Vilca.

The $20,000 prize is awarded every two years to a person, group of people or one or more institutions or organizations for “their particularly meritorious and innovative actions aimed at improving communication and facilitating the participation of rural populations, especially in developing countries, in the economic, cultural and social life of their countries.”

The Huanacache radio network was chosen because it brings together a dozen schools and communities in the northeastern Lavalle Desert of Argentina’s Mendoza province. Thanks to the initiative of teachers of the Maestro Pablo Pizzuno School, three schools in the region have set up community radios, facilitating local communication. Broadcasts deal with customs and artistic activities of the local traditional Huarpe culture and also help improve living conditions through programmes about education, health, farming methods and legal matters.

The second project to receive a Prize is that of Radio Quispillaccta which broadcasts in the Quechua language from the town of Ayacucho (Peru) and aims to revive Andean farming and cultural traditions. The radio helps members of the Quispillaccta farming community to reaffirm their identity, regain confidence and pride in their community organization and take part in regional and national activities.

Since it was set up in 1980, the IPDC has provided nearly $90 million to support about a thousand communication projects.

Journalists wanting to attend this event should register with UNESCO Press Service, tel: +33 (0)1 45 68 17 47

Source Media Advisory No. 2003-25


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