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The World Summit on Sustainable Development took place in Johannesburg from 26 August to 4 September.  
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Biodiversity in Land- Inland Water Ecotones (Man and the Biosphere Series, Volume 18, 1997), by Jean Bernard Lachavanne & Raphaël Juge (eds) - by
Multi-authored work generated within MAB-IHP-SIL collaborative project on ‘The role of land-inland water ecotones in landscape management and restoration’ More

Biosphere Reserves: Special Places for People and Nature (2002), by UNESCO-MAB Secretariat - by
“Conserving diversity” is one of ten chapters in this 208-page overview of the biosphere reserve concept and its implementation. A web adaptation of this chapter is posted on the MABNet. More

Changing times Changing attitudes - Alternative portrayals of men and women - by UNESCO
Fourteen of the best radio programmes produced in the UNESCO-DANIDA project, which have now been distributed to trainers and practitioners working in radio programme production and non-formal education throughout Africa. More

Diversidad Biológica de Iberoamérica (1998), par Gonzalo Halffter (compilador) - by
Third in a series of studies on biodiversity in Iberoamerica, undertaken within the Iberoamerican Programme on Science and Technology for Development (CYTED). More

cultre of peace50.gifEducation for a Culture of Peace in a Gender Perspective - by Professor Betty Reardon - UNESCO
This publication, based on a comprehensive, gender-sensitive approach to peace education, has been written during the first year of the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010). More

women and urban crises brochure50.gifFemmes dans les crises urbaines - by François Hainard et Christine Verschuur (éds) - UNESCO
Relations de genre et environnements précaires More

Forest Biodiversity Research, Monitoring and Modelling (Volumes 20 and 21 in the Man and the Biosphere Series, 1998), by Francisco Dallmeier & James A. Comiskey (eds) - by
Theoretical framework and case studies on the use of permanent plots for studying and monitoring forest biodiversity in the Old World (Volume 20) and the New World (Volume 21), based on methodologies of Smithsonian/MAB Biodiversity Program. More

Gender Dimensions of Racial Discrimination - by UNHCHR
Overview of fundamental issues on the intersectionality between gender and racial discrimination. More

Manual para evaluar50.jpgManual para Evaluación de la Biodiversidad en Reservas de la Biosfera (2001), par Gonzalo Halffter, Claudia E. Moreno & Eduardo O. Pineda - by
Handbook for assessing biological diversity in biosphere reserves, published as the second in a series of Spanish-language manuals on biodiversity. More

mervivante50.gifMer Vivante - by UNESCO
Ce livre a été réalisé par des enfants pour des enfants, mais aussi pour les parents. More

Parks Issue on Biosphere Reserves - by
“Biosphere reserves: the network beyond the islands” is the theme of the first quarterly issue in 2001 of the quarterly journal Parks, the international journal for protected area managers, published by the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) of the World Conservation Union (IUCN). More

worldmap50.jpgPeople on earthe - World Population Map - by UNESCO
This map of the distribution of the world's population has been developed not only for decision-makers, planners, researchers and educators, but also for the general public, and is a solid foundation for research in the fields of population, environment and development. More

peur50.jpgQui a peur de l'an 2000? - by Claude Villeneuve
1998. Guide d'Education relative à l'environment pour le développement durable. More

morin50.jpgSeven complex lessons in education for the future - by Edgar, Morin
The purpose of this text is to examine fundamental problems that are overlooked or neglected in education. These problems are presented as "seven complex lessons" that should be covered in an education of the future in all societies in every culture, according to means and rules appropriate to those societies and cultures. More

greening50.gifThe Greening of Brazilian Business - by UNESCO
This book analyses the factors determining the new greening of Brazilian businesses. More

Subsahara50.jpgThe Population of Sub-Saharan Africa - by UNESCO
The study is a follow-up to the publication of the World Population Map, "People on Earth". More

UNDP Human Development Report 2002 - by UNDP
Presents a suite of gender-related measures and indices. More

women's rights and bioethics50.gifWomen's Rights and Bioethics - by International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO
This book, based on the Round Table on Bioethics and Women held at UNESCO during the Fourth Session of the International Bioethics Committee (IBC), presents the experience of field workers and actors in areas as diverse as health, legal affairs, governance, education and psychology. More

What is sustainable development ? - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -The term 'sustainable development' was popularised by the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) in its 1987 report entitled Our Common Future.More

Sustainable Human Development - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -Since the Earth Summit, sustainable development has been a key theme as a series of United Nations conferences discussing pathways to development.More

Thinking about the Future - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -No one knows what the future will be, except that it will be very different from what life is today and that decisions about whether the future is a sustainable one or not will depend upon changes in human culture.More

Thinking about Forever - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -Underlying all our images of a sustainable future is the key principle that sustainability is about 'thinking about forever'.More

A Dynamic Balance - by UNESCO
01/06/2002 -The dynamic balance between cultural differences and this emerging global ethic is a key concept in educating for a sustainable future.More

Why link Gender And Sustainable Development ? - by UNESCO BSP/WGE
Nenek50.jpg14/08/2002 -Sustainable development must be for all, men and women alike.More

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UNESCO at Johannesburg

Education for Sustainability - From Rio to Johannesburg: Lessons learnt from a decade of commitment

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