UNESCO | Education - 000 November 2009 - Issue 10
November 2009 - Issue 10  

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Interview of the month
Shedding light on shadow education
Mark Bray is Director of UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) and author of a new book, Confronting the shadow education system: what government policies for what private tutoring?

He talks to Eduinfo about the global rise of private tutoring and its impact on mainstream schooling and equity in education.


Venezuela_literacy_UNESCO_R_Lepage_M.jpg The Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI) will provide a major platform for dialogue on policies and promotion of adult learning and non formal education worldwide.

The Sixth International Conference on Adult Education, (CONFINTEA VI) Belém, Brazil, 1 - 4 December

The objectives

Conference programme

Regional Preparatory Conferences

National Reports


History of CONFINTEA

Irina Bokova Oct 2009_M.jpg Education highlights from the 35th session of UNESCO's General Conference, Paris, 6-23 October

New UNESCO Director-General will call for increased funding for education

Education Ministers’ Round Table 2009

Education Commission approves budget priorities

Interview with South Africa’s Duncan Hindle, chairperson of UNESCO’s Education Commission

A new UNESCO Education Institute approved

Indian minister’s impassioned plea for teachers and education at General Conference

“ESD day” at UNESCO’s General Conference

Five young journalists turn a sharp eye on the UNESCO Youth Forum

'At its best, tutoring can build a powerful and rewarding relationship between pupil and tutor. At its worst it breeds corruption, with teachers withholding part of the curriculum during the day in order to sell it to their students outside school.'

  • UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Education Leaves for New Position

  • Street kids photo show to mark child rights convention

  • In December...
    10th Education for All Working Group, 9–11 December, 2009

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