Education for Holocaust Remembrance

Faced with the challenge of not just promoting but establishing respect for human rights, basic freedoms and the values of tolerance and mutual respect, UNESCO recognizes that teaching the lessons of the Holocaust is fundamental to this enterprise.

The United Nations has urged Member States to develop educational programmes to instill the memory of the tragedy of the Holocaust in future generations to prevent genocide from occurring again. UNESCO acts as a resource to promote these learning materials and to provide a platform for institutions, teachers, students and interested parties to access resources on education for Holocaust remembrance.

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28-01-2009 (UNESCO)
Le Directeur général de l’UNESCO ouvre les cérémonies de commémoration en mémore des victimes de l’Holocauste (in French only)
17-09-2008 (UNESCO)
UNESCO launches a website on Education for Holocaust Remembrance
26-01-2007 (UNESCO)
Teaching the Holocaust and other complex events in history
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