Inclusive Education

Deafness: a Guide for Parents, Teachers and Community Workers

    This guide proposes 6 programmes for parents, teachers and community workers dealing with deaf children in their everyday life.

    Source: UNESCO, Paris
    Year: 2000

Understanding and Responding to Children’s Needs in Inclusive Classrooms

    The four units of this guide should help teachers who already have children with ‘special needs’ in their classes and teachers who have limited experience of such children.

    Source: UNESCO, Paris
    Year: 2003

Positive Discipline in the Inclusive, Learning-friendly Classroom: A Guide for Teachers and Teacher Educators (Embracing diversity: Toolkit for creating inclusive, learning-friendly environments Specialized Booklet 1)

    This specialized booklet is intended to help teachers, school administrators, and education officials to effectively manage students in the classroom by giving non-violent ways to deal with behavioral challenges positively and pro-actively.

    Source: UNESCO, Bangkok
    Year: 2006

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