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  • Newsletter  N°63
  • February 2009

Welcome board in Arab, Tifinagh and French, Algeria.© Wikimedia Commons

Languages: a precious link to the past... and the future

The 10th International Mother Language Day (21 February) is not only an opportunity to celebrate language diversity and multilingualism. This year's celebration also coincides with the closure of the International Year of Languages, which has mobilized hundreds of partners worldwide for the protection and promotion of all languages, especially endangered ones. On this occasion UNESCO will launch a new edition of the Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger of Disappearing. 

From 10-02-2009    to   12-02-2009  (Paris - France) 

Meeting of the Interpol Expert Group (IEG) on Stolen Cultural Property More

From 15-02-2009    to   18-02-2009  (Cairo - Egypt) 

Learning about the Other More

From 16-02-2009    to   27-02-2009  (Paris - France) 

Exhibition "Mediterranean Heritage and Creativity" More

From 17-02-2009    to   20-02-2009  (Paris - France) 

Meeting of the International Scientific Committee of the Project “The Slave Route” More

From 23-02-2009    to   28-02-2009  (Paris - France) 

Exhibition“Ear Splitting Timbre” by Bryan Mc Cormack, sound by Sougata Bhattacharya More

From 24-02-2009    to   27-02-2009  (Manama - Bahrain) 

Workshop on Marine World Heritage site selection and Marine protected areas in the Gulf region and the Red Sea More

From 26-02-2009    to   27-02-2009  (Buenos Aires - Argentina) 

XVI Forum of Ministers of Culture and Officials in Charge of Cultural Policies of Latin America and the Caribbean More
The inventory of the historic city of Sana’a. A tool for urban conservation  More

World Heritage - N°51 The Reinstallation of the Aksum Obelisk  More

VOICES UNESCO in the Asia-Pacific  More

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (in Spanish, Aymara, Mapudungun and Rapa Nui)  More

Atlas historique de Kyôto  More

Historia General de América Latina - Volumen VII: Los proyectos nacionales latinoamericanos: sus instrumentos y articulación, 1870-1930  More

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