4th Punjab Lok Boli Mela
(Mother Language Festival of Punjabi)

4th Punjab Lok Boli Mela <br>(Mother Language Festival of Punjabi)

  • Geographical outreach : International
  • Types of project: Awareness-raising
  • Thematic framework: Intercultural Dialogue and Translation

  • Beneficiary country/countries :
    - Pakistan (Punjab)
    - Canada (Punjabi Diaspore)
    - India (Punjab)
    - England (Punjabi Dispora)

  • Main responsible :
    Shafiq Butt
    Punjab Lok Sujag, RB 1,
    Awami Complex, Usman Block,
    New Garden Town, Lahore (Punjab)

Summary of the activities
Punjab Lok Sujag is a registered membership based organization working for the sensitization, popularization and promotion of Punjabi language and cultural rights. Punjab Lok Sujag in collaboration with Punjab Lok Rahs; a Punjabi street theatre group, and many other organizations annually organizes a five days cultural festival called Punjab Lok Boli Mela (Mother Language Festival) in rural districts of Punjab, Pakistan.

This festival is a gathering of educational institutions, civil society organizations, individuals & activists who struggle for the same cause. Punjab Lok Boli Mela is attended by people belonging to Pakistani Punjab, Indian Punjab and Punjabi diaspore across the world. Lok Boli Mela focuses around five major themes.

Find last three Melas' participation level details:
- School Program: Promotes activities focuses on quality learning by using mother language in formal & informal education (300 Public Schools with 20,000 children and 500 teachers).
- Seminars: Dialogue exchange for the protection of common Punjabi cultural heritage (50 Organizations).
- Theatre Program: Performing art youth groups are invited to promotes Punjabi theatre revolves around rights based issues (30 youth theatre groups with more then 120 performances).
- Cultural Program: Promotes classical poetry, folk music, puppet & dance (1,000 artists).
- Networking: Promotes enhancement, communication and future collaboration among language and cultural activists of Punjabi Diaspore (20 literary & Cultural organizations from 5 Countries).

Main partners
Punjab Lok Sujag, Pakistan.
Punjab Lok Rahs, Pakistan.
Ludhiana Kala Manch, Ludhiana, India.
Man Mela Theatre Company, United Kingdom.
Warasat Foundation, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Start Date: 04-05-2008   End Date: 04-12-2010
  • Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0