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Trinidad and Tobago - Social Dialogue

Trade-union freedom
The Trade Union Act Chapter 88: 02 is the main legal provision in place to protect the trade union freedom.

Main prerogatives recognized by law
The main trade union prerogatives recognized by law include the representation of members, the establishment of a political fond, the ownership of property, the authority to invest and to seek the general welfare of its members.

State consultation with trade unions
Some artists are members of organizations that are not true trade unions but the state sometimes consults these organizations before introducing reforms that affect the working practices of the artists, these organisations include Pan Trinbago, National Carnival Bandleaders Association (NCBA), and Trinbago Unified Calypsonian Organisation (TUCO).

Collective agreements
No structures for negotiating collective agreements for the artists exist but the relevant organizations periodically make representation for an increase in government's subvention and other forms of financial assistance.

Promotion of social dialogue
Bodies specifically concerned with the promotion of social dialogue include the National representative bodies and some of the religions organizations that sometimes deal with issues they consider to be very important.

Source: National Commission of Trinidad and Tobago for UNESCO, January 2005.

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