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Sitinstit est un site de ressources éducatives destinées aux enseignants qui propose notamment de nombreux liens en rapport avec les arts plastiques. Continuer

Australie : page officielle sur la formation des enseignants.
This section provides an arts perspective on learning, teaching and assessment. It is structured to follow the same principles as those in the Overarching Statement. It should be used in conjunction with the Scope of the Curriculum section to assist with the development of learning and teaching programs that will best support students to achieve the learning outcomes. Continuer

Arts impact : Cultural Council of Greater Tacoma
Arts Impact is a professional development program training K-8 teachers to teach visual and performing arts in their classrooms. The two-year program, top rated by the Washington State Arts Commission since its inception, includes a hands-on Summer Institute, school-year mentorships with teaching artists, follow-up workshops and subsidized student visits to performances and exhibitions. Assessment of learning is stressed and all work is aligned with Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements in the arts. Continuer

Association for the Advancement of Arts Education
AAAE teaches teachers how to use the arts to teach social studies, science, math and language arts! It's called arts integration-incorporating the arts into curriculum-and you've come to the right place to learn more about the tri-state's pioneers in this teaching method. Continuer

ELIA : Teachers' Academy
Aim of the project : To create international professional staff development opportunities for teachers from higher arts education institutions. Participation is welcome from all ELIA member institutions. A maximum of 80 teachers can be hosted. Continuer

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