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The UNESCO-African Books Collective Agreement


New African Works in the Collection of Representative Works

The African Books Collective (ABC), has accepted to identify twenty African works from the lists of publishers participating in ABC, as titles suitable for translation, and to propose them to UNESCO as potential new titles for inclusion in its Collection of Representative Works.

The selected works books will conform to the literary quality criteria habitually adopted by ABC in the selection of titles chosen from books published in Africa, as suitable for promotion, marketing and distribution, and for potential for co-publication or translation. In addition, they will have the following characteristics:

· They will be as yet untranslated into the language selected for translation;

· They will enjoy full visibility in their original countries and reflect important aspects of the original countries’ culture;

· They will be of outstanding literary quality and show great potential as long-term sellers;

· They will not contain any expressions advocating, violence, discrimination, social hatred or contempt for the mentality and culture of the social contexts described.

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