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Cette information n'est pas disponible en Français. Disponible en Anglais, Espagnol.In 1942 the composer Juan Blanco, Mariel, Cuba (1919) registered at the patent’s office the description and design of a new musical instrument he named “multiórgano”, based on 12 loops built using magnetophonic wires (it was before the magnetic tape!) with chromatic recordings of voices or any instruments. This predated the Mellotron by many years, but the original instrument invented by Blanco was never built. Continuer...


 Calixto Alvarez
Born in Santa Isabel de las Lajas, 1938. 

 Sergio Barroso
Born in Havana, 1946; works extensively with electroacoustic medias in his music. 

 Juan Blanco
Born in Mariel, 1919; has been the main force around the development of electroacoustic music in Cuba. 

 Leo Brower

 Aurelio De la Vega
Born in Havana, 1925; living in Los Angeles, California, United States, since 1959. 

 Irina Escalante

 Carlos Fariñas
Born in Cienfuegos, 1934; died in Havana, 2002) was another big name in the Cuban musical world as well as in the international. 

 Orlando Jacinto Garcia
Born in Havana, 1954, composer, conductor and music educator, is Professor of Composition, director of Composition Programs for the School of Music at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, and Director of Graduate Music Programs at the same institution. He also founded the original FIU Electronic Music Studio. 

 Teresa Nuñez
Born in 1966; composed among other works: “Divertimento” in 2000, “Con puntos y comas” in 2001, and “Miniatura” in 2002, all works for computer realized at EMEC - ISA. 

 Jesús Ortega

 Mónica O’Reilly
Born in Havana, 1975; studied electroacoustic music at the National Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music in Havana during the early 90s. 

 Ileana Pérez Velazquez
Born in Cienfuegos, in 1964; is at present Assistant Professor of Composition, Music Technology and Music Theory at the Music Department of Williams College, Massachusets, United States. 

 Juan Piñera
Born in Havana, 1949; has been composing music for concert as well as works for radio, television and movies. 

 Armando Rodríguez
Born in Havana, Cuba, 1951; studied guitar and musical composition at the National School of Arts in Havana, where he received the Cuban National Artists and Writers Musical Composition Award in 1978. 

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