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  • March 2010

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2010: International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures

When UNESCO’s Constitution made it a “sacred duty” of its Member States “to increase the means of communication between their peoples”, it acknowledged that “mutual understanding and truer and more perfect knowledge of each other's lives” underpin the construction of “defences of peace” “in the minds of men”.  As the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures, 2010 bids us to renew this peaceful pact, bringing the auspicious groundwork of the “Dialogue of Civilizations” into deeper realms of everyday experience. 

From 25-01-2010    to   10-03-2010  (Paris - France) 

Culture Counts: A UNESCO Poster Competition - Application deadline: 8 March 2010 More

From 01-02-2010    to   07-04-2010  (Paris - France) 

The Winsoft Company Arabic Typography Contest More

From 03-03-2010    to   01-04-2010  (Paris - France) 

“Haiti: Before and After” More

From 04-03-2010    to   01-04-2010  (Paris - France) 

"Haiti, 500 Years of History" More

From 05-03-2010    to   01-05-2010  (Rome - Italy) 

3rd Course on Conservation of Built Heritage organized by ICCROM More

From 23-03-2010    to   23-03-2010  (Paris - France) 

World Poetry Day 2010 "The Words of Nature, the Nature of Words " More

From 23-03-2010    to   27-03-2010  (Bardejov - Slovakia) 

European Meeting for Improvement of Tourism and Visitor Management Skills More

From 25-03-2010    to   27-03-2010  (Noumea, New Caledonia - France) 

23rd Meeting of the Council of Pacific Arts and Regional Cultural Policy Workshop More

From 29-03-2010    to   03-04-2010  (Paris - France) 

Cambodia: Cultural Heritage of Yesterday and Today More
Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger  More

Documentation of Museum Collections. Why? How? - Practical guide  More

VOICES UNESCO in the Asia-Pacific No.21 January - March 2010  More

Christianity and Islam in the Context of Contemporary Culture: Perspectives of Interfaith Dialogue from Russia and the Middle East  More

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