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  • Newsletter  N°66
  • May 2009

Chinese Pottery ©Jingdezhen Institute of Ceramics

UNESCO Celebrates Cultural Diversity

The numerous cultural events held on and around the World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (21 May) at UNESCO Headquarters and elsewhere in the world are meant to underscore not only the intrinsic value of specific cultural productions, but also and above all the fertility of their diversity. Together, they remind us that humanity’s fundamental wealth lies in its diversity. By bringing out what is primordial to the human condition, art is a catalyst for the building of peace in the minds of men.


From 23-04-2009    to   30-05-2009  (Paris - France) 

Return of the Aksum Obelisk to Ethiopia: A Colossal Undertaking More

From 11-05-2009    to   17-05-2009  (Chisinau - Republic of Moldova) 

National Capacity-Building Training on Modern Museum Management More

From 11-05-2009    to   13-05-2009  (Paris - France) 

15th Ordinary Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for Promoting the Return of Cultural Property to its Countries of Origin or its Restitution in case of Illicit Appropriation More

From 11-05-2009    to   01-06-2009  (. - In the World) 

2009 World Cultural Diversity Festival – Here and there in the World More

From 11-05-2009    to   23-05-2009  (Paris - France) 

International Festival of Cultural Diversity - Programme of events organized at UNESCO House More

From 17-05-2009    to   17-05-2009  (Paris - France) 

European Night of Museums More

From 17-05-2009    to   24-05-2009  (Kabul - Afghanistan) 

Risks and Opportunities: Difficult Challenges for Museum Professionals More

From 21-05-2009    to   22-05-2009  (Saint Petersburg - Russian Federation) 

Presentation of the catalogue “The Children of the World are painting: All Different, All Unique” More

From 27-05-2009    to   30-05-2009  (Paris - France) 

Fourth meeting of the Committee for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict More
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