21 May 2008- World Day for Cultural Diversity, for Dialogue and Development


    The entry into force on 18 March 2007 of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions threw a particular light on this year’s celebration of the World Day for Cultural Diversity. Artists and creators were in the limelight for their valuable contribution to the progress of mutual understanding and the dialogue of cultures through words, sounds and images. Besides, partners from the civil society had the opportunity to bring their support to the safeguard and promotion of a felicitous polyphony of cultures.

    Lunch meeting - a first big step
    Seventeen diverse companies laid the foundations for future partnerships.

    Round Table
    Testimonials by each of the participants sparked a lively debate between them and the audience.

    Exposition « A Hauteur d’hommes » - the power of images
    The combined talents of photographer Patrick de Wilde and Commissioner Frederick Coudreau resulted in a remarkable exposition inside UNESCO and on the UNESCO outer walls.


    UNESCO Staff in Traditional Costume


    Concert "Diversity Celebration" - blending sounds, words and images
    A public concert starring a diversity of genres, styles and artistic personalities.


    Participation in the Field