New Norwegian Funds-in-Trust project helps restore a National Museum in Georgia

    "The Restoration and Revitalization of the Georgian State Museum of Vernacular Architecture and Ethnography: Emergency Restoration Works and Capacity-building."

    December 2006 – December 2007

    The Museum, situated in Tbilisi, has a unique collection of 70 original traditional houses from different regions of Georgia. Approved for funding in October 2006, the main objective of this project is to undertake emergency and restoration works on five wooden houses suffering severe deterioration, while providing international standard training in timber conservation techniques to national heritage professionals and craftsmen. A museum-to-museum partnership aimed at improved management of the Georgian Museum will also be established with a suitable Norwegian Open Air Museum.

    The Norwegian Directorate of Culture is assisting the museum section of UNESCO by identifying a partner museum for this purpose, and by recommending experts to lead timber restoration workshops. Discussions are also being held between UNESCO’s Museum Section and the Directorate to explore other possibilities for collaboration within the project framework.

    • Start Date: 31-12-2006   End Date: 31-12-2007
    • Lead Organization / Sector / Office: UNESCO Museum Section, Paris, France