Movable Heritage Outreach Programme

Movable Heritage Outreach Programme
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This programme aims to inform museum staff, visitors, owners of collections and concerned public about the value of the different types of movable cultural properties. It also seeks to increase awareness of the wider public on the importance of their contribution to the appropriate management of museum collections.

Within the framework of this programme, a series of comic strip booklets called Cultural Heritage Protection Handbooks have been produced and widely disseminated. The series deals with the issues relating to the appropriate preservation, handling, documentation, and promotion of moveable cultural heritage in different museum contexts. The new issues on risk management, collection storages and preventive conservation are under preparation.

The booklets are bilingual, with English or French as reference text. We strongly encourage partners to translate the reference text into their own language and diffuse it after informing UNESCO in writing of the initiative and presenting a copy of the translated text. The publications could be diffused either as A4 photocopies or in printed form. The illustrations, accompanied by short texts, are intended to show museum staff and the daily users of museums the correct behaviour and appropriate measures to be taken for the conservation of movable cultural heritage. The target users thus include personnel involved in the daily maintenance of museum facilities, visitors and the public at large.

Download the following publications:

  • Security at Museums (English/French | English/Arabic | Spanish | English/Russian | English/Chinese)
  • Care and Handling of Manuscripts (English/French | English/Arabic | Spanish | English/Russian | English/Chinese)
  • Documentation of Artefacts' Collections (English/French | English/Arabic | Spanish | English/Russian | English/Chinese)
  • Disaster Risk Management for Museums (English/Russian | French/Arabic | Spanish | English/Chinese)
  • Handling of Collections in Storage (Arabic | English | French | Spanish)
  • Protection of Living Worship Places and Related Obejcts (under preparation) 

  • Consult the available versions in local languages
    • Start Date: 30-10-2007   End Date: 31-12-2009
    • Lead Organization / Sector / Office: UNESCO