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Turin (Italia), Capital Mundial del Libro 2006

Decisión del comité de selección.

The selection Committee of the World Book Capital 2006, made up of Jean-Manuel Bourgois, Bammel, Representative of the International Publishers Association (IPA), Françoise Dubruille, Representative of the International Booksellers Federation (IBF), Ramachandran Rasu, Representative of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and Georges Poussin on behalf of Milagros del Corral as UNESCO representative, met on 25 October 2004 under the chair of Françoise Dubruille (IBF), in order to examine the applications to the nomination of the World Book Capital 2006, in accordance with Resolution 31 C/Resolution 29, adopted by the UNESCO General Conference on 2 November 2001.

The selection Committee examined the following candidatures:

Tehran (Islamic Republic of Iran), and Turin (Italy)

While rejoincing in the improvement of the inter-city and international initiatives of the candidatures received this year, the Committee decided to nominate the city of Turin (Italy) as World Book Capital 2006 because of the excellence of the programme submitted in collaboration with the city of Rome, creating a strong synergy among all sectors of book chain and including a number of aspects of book promotion and reading.

The Committee expresses its appreciation to the other candidature because of the efforts accomplished with a view to opening up the candidate city to the international book community and to ensure cooperation with other countries in need. In this context, IPA, IBF and IFLA express their  strong hope that freedom to publish, sell and disseminate information will notably progress in the future. They encourage Tehran to apply again taking into account the need to conform to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to UNESCO Constitution.

The Committee calls all cities, and in particular those who have already been nominated, for supporting the candidatures from cities of the regions or sub-regions still not represented among the holders of the World Book Capital Cities title. The representatives of IPA, IBF and IFLA commit themselves to facilitate these efforts with a view to ensure a better geographic and cultural distribution among the nominated cities and encourage UNESCO to join them in their endeavours.

Paris, October 25, 2004

Jean-Manuel Bourgois, IPA
Milagros del Corral, UNESCO
Françoise Dubruille, IBF 
Ramachandran Rasu, IFLA


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