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  • Doctrine and Opinions
  • Technical Measures and Interoperability in Copyright and Related Rights Law
    By Yves Gaubiac 

  • UNESCO Activities
  • Musicians and Magistrates in the Fight Against Piracy


    JANUARY - MARCH 2007

  • Doctrine and Opinions
  • The Role of the Three-Step Test in the Adaptation of Copyright Law to the Information Society
    By Christophe Geiger 

  • UNESCO Activities
  • UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions Entered into Force on 18 March 2007

  • Selected Works
  • New Directions in Copyright Law, Volume 3. Edited by Fiona Macmillan and Kathy Bowrey, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham, UK, 2006, 249 pp.



  • Doctrine and Opinions
  • The Role and Future of the Universal Copyright Convention
    By Dr. Silke von Lewinski

    Considerations on the Relationship between the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and the Protection of Authors’ Rights
    By Thierry Desurmont

  • UNESCO Activities
  • Strengthening Copyright Enforcement in Southern Africa

  • Selected Works
  • Concise European Copyright Law. Edited by Thomas Dreier and Bernt Hugenholtz. General Series Editors: Thomas Dreier, Charles Gielen, Richard Hacon. Kluwer Law International 2006, The Netherlands, 448pp.


  • Doctrine and Opinions
  • The Broadcasters' Neighbouring Right: Impossible to understand?
    Spontaneous reaction to some key findings by P. Akester

    By Werner Rumphorst

    Reflections on the Draft WIPO Broadcasting Treaty and its Impact on Freedom of Expression
    By Thomas Dreier

  • Selected Works
  • LUCIE GUIBAULT, P. BERNT HUGENHOLTZ (Eds.). The Future of the Public Domain (Identifying the Commons in Information law), Kluwer Law International BV, The Netherlands, 2006, 377 pp. - Lucie Guibault, P. Bernt Hugenholtz (Eds.).

    Droit d’auteur et liberté d’expression, Regards francophones, d’Europe et d’ailleurs. Edited by Alain Strowel and François Tulkens, Larcier Editions, Belgium 2006, 164 pp.


    APRIL - JUNE 2006

  • Doctrine and Opinions
  • The Draft WIPO Broadcasting Treaty and its Impact on Freedom of Expression
    By Patrícia Akester

  • Legal Developments
  • Cinepoly Records Co. Ltd . et al, v. Hong Kong Broadband et al., HCMP2487, 2005
    Case Law 

  • Selected Works
  • HARMS, Louis. Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, 2005, 366 pp.

    JENKINS, Neil. International Intellectual Property Litigation. Thomson, Sweet & Maxwell, London, 2005.

    Arnold, Richard. Performers’ Rights. 3rd edition, Thomson, Sweet & Maxwell, London, 2004, 555 pp.


    JANUARY - MARCH 2006

  • Legal Developments

  • Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - Thirty-fifth session - General Comment No. 17 (2005), Adopted on 21 November 2005

    The WCT and the Kazakhstan Copyright Law: Putting the Cart in Front of The Horse?
    By Saule Massalina

    Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd v. Sharman License Holdings Ltd.

    Case Law: Roger-Luc Chayer c. Corporation Sun Media, 125-32-001527-058, 2005

  • UNESCO Activities
  • The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage Enters into Force 
    Copyright Seminar in Indonesia - Jakarta, 23-26 January 2006

  • Selected Works

  • MEFE, Guy-Marc Tony. Droit d’auteur et droits voisins Guide d’initiation pour l’Afrique francophone. Editions Interlignes / P@ges / Scène d’Ebène, Yaounde, 2005, 68 pp.

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    6332.gifUNESCO Documents

    50.gifCollection of National Copyright Laws

    Georgian Law on Author's Rights and Neighbouring Rights. Available on line in English.

    Los oficios de la imaginación - Guía de derecho de autor para nuevos creadores

    Nuevos temas de derecho de autor y derechos conexos [New Topics in Copyright and neighbouring Rights]. In Spanish, soon available in English and French.

    couv piraterie 35.jpg
    The Persistence of Piracy: the Consequences for Creativity, for Culture, and for Sustainable Development. In English, French and Spanish.

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