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  • April 2011

2011 Jacmel Carnival©Anna Giolitto

UNESCO for Haiti : Making culture a motor for reconstruction

In Haiti, culture has been made to play its vital role for several months now. To reinforce this and to respond to the expectations of the Haitian people, UNESCO is organizing a Conference of Donors for Culture in Haiti. The aim is to mobilize financial support within the international community, among development banks and the private sector, thus facilitating synergetic action and heightened cooperation. 

From 04-02-2011    to   24-04-2011  (Alta Garcia - Argentina) 

Exhibition on Arts and Poetry from the Artist Hilda Zagaglia More

From 15-02-2011    to   30-06-2011  (- - Worldwide) 

Call for applications for technical assistance missions: Strengthening the Governance of Culture in Developing Countries More

From 17-03-2011    to   30-06-2011  (- - Worldwide) 

International Fund for Cultural Diversity: Call for applications More

From 06-04-2011    to   08-04-2011  (Dubrovnik - Croatia) 

International Conference on Energy Management in Cultural Heritage More

From 07-04-2011    to   08-04-2011  (Montevideo - Uruguay) 

Montevideo Forum 2011 - Urban Management and Intangible Cultural Heritage More

From 13-04-2011    to   16-04-2011  (Mar del Plata - Argentina) 

Mercosur Third Conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage More

From 13-04-2011    to   14-04-2011  (Paris - France) 

3rd Session of the Meeting of States Parties to the 2001 Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage More

From 15-04-2011    to   15-04-2011  (Paris - France) 

UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture More

From 19-04-2011    to   19-04-2011  (Paris - France) 

Conference of Donors for Culture in Haiti: Making Culture a Motor for Reconstruction More

From 23-04-2011    to   23-04-2011  (Paris - France) 

World Book and Copyright Day - April 23 More

From 26-04-2011    to   27-04-2011  (Saint Petersburg - Russian Federation) 

Expert Meeting "World Religions in the Context of the Contemporary Culture: New Perspectives of Dialogue and Mutual Understanding" More

From 27-04-2011    to   28-04-2011  (Suva - Fiji) 

Planning Meeting on the Pacific Heritage Hub More
Resource Manual 'Preparing World Heritage Nominations' available online  More

MUSEUM International N°247: What Can Art Still Do? 2  More

International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures, 2010: highlights  More

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